Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Liniere January 2011

This Liniere magazine reminds me of the US-based Real Simple Magazine in that it seems to target ladies beyond the late twenties with relaxed and casual cabin style fashion.

TheJanuary 2011 issue came with a Conges Payes corduroy/polyester reversible tote withMoomins character on the polyester reverse side.

The tote measures 31.5(height) x 28(width) cm and doesn't have an expandable bottom.

To be honest, I thought the bag is not of great quality materials. It looks nice in pictures, but both the corduroy and the polyester feels cheap, rough, and thin. Worse, because of the grayish sandy color, the corduroy side looks dirty even though it's brand new! The only redeemable point is that it had neat and clean stitching.

Neither of the reversible sides have any pockets and there are no closure either.

When I saw the polyester side, I thought what the heck are the Moomins? LOL! After a quick Google search, apparently the Moomins are these really cute and tubby hippo-dinosaur cartoons made famous by late painter and comic strip author Tove Jansson. You can see her virtual museum here. The Moomins are now licensed out and put on children products from previous companies.

It's just too bad that the bag wasn't made of better quality materials. Either way, it became my new tote bag for grocery shopping, no, not to hold the groceries but for the few items I need for grocery shopping, like my coin bag, card case, and a couple of the Envirosax eco bags that I've been using for the past several years.

I don't have a car in Japan, and the grocery store is a short walk away so I have to carry all my groceries home, which is the reason not to bring along a big, bulky, and heavy handbag with everything in it because, well, I don't need everything in it for a trip to the groceries. In a sense, this freebie tote does its job, I just wish it was better made.

Here's a picture of the model carrying the freebie bag.

As you can see, the fashion featured in this magazine is vastly different than super trendy and frilly fashion featured in others. I don't prefer one or another, just glad that there are other options. I do like some of the clothing items featured, like this cream-colored poncho.

And ponchos are in trend this season! I like that black toggle poncho at the bottom towards the right.

Nice suede boots!

I would totally wear the puffy cape coat on the bottom left as well as the reversible brown/plaid cape on the bottom right.

And I definitely like this sherpa-lined cape coat! It looks so cozy ^.^

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