Thursday, January 6, 2011

InRed October 2010

My next must-have is this InRed backissue from October 2010, which came with 2 Marc Jacob Daisy freebie pouches that were wildly popular and sold out in a flash before September was even over!

And I'm not surprised either that it was so popular, I mean, holy crap, these are magazine freebies?!? If InRed allows annual subscriptions with these kinds of freebies, I'd sign up for a few years' worth!

These pouches are made of PVC, so they give a fake leathery feel, not plastic-y at all! Both of them are lined on the inside with cotton fabric. They feel substantial and not flimsy or cheap, and they are very well made. Awesome freebies, I tell you!!!

The pouches come in black (larger) and red (smaller) colors. Both have gold zippers and the adorable daisy prints that is signature of the Marc Jacob Daisy brand.

The larger pouch measures 20(length) x 11(height) cm, and it has daisy prints at the bottom right and upper left, on only one side with the other side being blank without any prints.

The smaller pouch measures 11.5(length) x 8(height) cm. It also has daisy prints on only one side with the other side blank. Also, the daisy prints are only at the bottom right because I guess there aren't any more room for the prints else where ^.^

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