Sunday, February 13, 2011

More February 2011

More February 2011 issue came with a L'Occitane pouch and a body cream sample, and while the L'Occitane name alone isn't quite the selling point for me, the pouch actually looks quite well made so I bought it.

Not that I don't like L'Occitane, I've used plenty of their products. Just that I feel the brand's not all it's hyped up to be.

Some of their hand creams are nice and I really like their Extra Gentle Soaps, especially the Milk scent, but there are plenty of duds too, like the Shea Body Lotion and the PoS aka the Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick.

I'd tried several samples of their now-discontinued Olive Radiance Moisturizing Cream too and thought it way too greasy, sticky, and unnecessarily glittery. I didn't do a review for it though, because I felt several samples still aren't good enough of a trial.

Fortunately, this Vineyard Rose Ultra Rich Body Cream feels much better, rich and creamy but not greasy on the skin. The problem is that I can't find the full size product anywhere on the L'Occitane USA website so I'm not sure that means it's sold out or discontinued. So yeah, again this sample alone is not enough to sell the product for me.

The L'Occitane pouch is very colorful ^.^ It's made of polyester and measures 17(length) x 9.5(height) x 5(width) cm. Other than the one spot where the stitching skewed a bit (picture below), the pouch is very well made and has no loose threads.

Inside, it is completely lined with all interior seams covered. It also has a mesh compartment on one side.

This is the only spot where the stitching skewed a bit, right underneath the zipper closure on the left. And unfortunately, this pouch also has another downer - it stinks. No, literally, it stinks of chemicals that smells somewhere along the lines of gasoline. I'm guessing it's the dye? Urgh. I will have to wash it or at least air it out for a few days prior to using.

A picture of the L'Occitane pouch in the magazine.

Flipping through this issue, I found several fun pages showing different socks and leg warmers options and how to layer them with boots and whatnot.

Then there were also several more pages showing different ways of wearing different sized scarves! It was fun to look at and I actually learned a thing or two!


ava1986 said...

grrr so jealous of you!! the cosmetic bags/bags you get are so cute!!! do send the ones you need to me lol :D

D. said...

Hi ava1986,

Thank you for reading ^.^

You can actually buy these through Amazon! Though shipping will be a bit expensive due to the sheer weight of these magazines, but it's definitely an option!

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