Sunday, March 13, 2011

My heart is with Japan...

In the light of the disastrous earthquake and tsunami, I'm going to stop posting on both of my blogs for a few weeks until things calm down a little bit. Yokohama was not terribly affected by the earthquakes and tsunamis, but the current ongoing nuclear emergencies are a real threat, in addition to the rationing of power and water.

Please keep the victims in the hardest-hit Northeast in your prayers and thoughts.

Thank you,


Melanie M. said...

D, I thought about you when I heard what happened! So glad that you and your hubby are ok. My prayers go out to all who were affected, it is just so sad.

D. said...

Hi Melhoug7,

Thank you so much for thinking of us. We are OK, just keeping our fingers crossed for those nuclear power plants. Please do keep the victims up in the Northeast in your prayers.

Thank you again for the kind words.


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