Friday, August 12, 2011

La Maison

Hubby and I have been to La Maison twice with two different groups of friends, and both times we had such a great time just hanging out and chatting! I'm not sure if La Maison should be called a restaurant, because while it does serve hot food like pasta and soups, its main attraction is drool-inducing and elaborately colorful variety of fruit tarts served usually in a set along with a drink (tea, coffee, etc.). That is to say most people don't come to La Maison for dinner. Instead, they come for dessert with friends after lunch/dinner, to read with a slice of tart and a cup of tea, to study, to relax, etc.

Me, M., and my sister

Hubby and J.

Anyway, our tarts all came out on a large white plate with dollops of strawberry sauce and honey as decoration, which looks nice, but if I were to accidentally get honey onto my tart, it would become super sweet! But I guess there are lots of people out there with a crazy sweet tooth so the extra honey is there for them to indulge in ^.^

Hubby, J. and M. all ordered the Special Fruits Tart.

I ordered the White Peach Tart, which heavenly. I was afraid that it might be too sweet but nope, it was just perfect, though I had to maneuver a bit to avoid the extra honey.

My sister ordered the Strawberry and Chocolate Tart.

***Stock pictures from La Maison Japan.

We were a super happy bunch by the end of the night.

After sending J. and M. on their way, hubby wanted to do some shopping for a new wallet. In exchange, he agreed to be roped into going karaoke with me and my sister LOL! All in all, it was a good time!


kuri said...

La Maison looks yummy! I'll have to try it some time.

D. said...

Hi kuri!

Yes you should! They have seasonal tarts too that are delicious!


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