Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Skilabo Aloe Extract Lotion

It had gotten rather dry around the second week of December, so right after posting about Naturie Coixseed Skin Conditioner, I went back to my local drugstore to get this Skilabo Aloe Extract Lotion (toner). I figured it's so cheap, 400yen for a whopping 500mL, and I should just go ahead and try it. If it's still too drying for the winter, I'll just save it for the summer ^.^

Like the Naturie Skin Conditioner, this Skilabo Aloe Extract Lotion is fragrance and colorant free. It's also a translucent milky runny liquid that I soak a cotton pad and wipe my face with. What's different is that alcohol is listed as its 2nd ingredient (versus 6th for the Naturie toner) and aloe vera is listed as 3rd. So yeah, assuming the order of listed ingredients has some significance, this thing is full of alcohol! 

That said, it is not as drying as I expected it to be and is surprisingly mild. I have been using it for about almost 3 weeks now, even took some with me on my visit home and it didn't deep fry my skin! So now my nightly routine consists of wiping my face with this Skilabo Aloe toner right after my shower when my skin is still damp. After my face dries, I pat on a few drops (5, to be exact) of Mameshiba Soy Milk Isoflavone Glutinous Moist Lotion, which takes a few more minutes to dry. Then eye cream and moisturizer. So far so good.


Julia said...

Weird. Oo Maybe it's a "good" alcohol then?

D. said...

Hi Julia,

No idea... May be my skin just isn't as sensitive to alcohol as some people's? ^.^


Julia said...

Who knows? But it is Alcohol denat. or something, not Cetyl alcohol? Then that's kind of weird. ^^;

D. said...

Actually...it says ethanol, which is pure alcohol, but then I looked it up on Wiki and it turns out to be alcohol denat. :X

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