Sunday, January 8, 2012

Maybelline Mystery Lipsticks ^.^

Among the things Citrine sent to me are 2 Maybelline mystery lipsticks, and I call them mystery because the stickers at the bottom of the tube don't explain much other than giving the name of the color and number. I've only played with them so this is a preview post.

My swap with Citrine :) All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I'm going to be honest so please don't laugh at me - these are my very first American drugstore lipsticks ^.^' I've used a few drugstore lip glosses, but have never bought or tried a drugstore lipstick before. Dead serious. I was never a lipstick person and it was only recently that I used lipsticks as stains. Of all the lipsticks I own, I actually purchased less than a third of them. The rest were freebie GWP, and even the ones I bought I paid deeply discounted prices for them. 

Maybelline mystery lipsticks in 825 Fruit Punch (left) and D104 Peach Colada (right)

The point is I have no idea what to expect for these Maybelline lipsticks at all, and the fact that I have no idea what these lipsticks are only makes things more interesting xD Playing around with these made me wonder why do people (erhh...I?) even bother with department store/boutique brand lipsticks at all - these drugstore ones are actually quite nice! May be the department store/boutique brands make their lipsticks with better ingredients and pigmentation, but that's a big may be, given all their marketing and packaging cost to begin with. If I were put on a blindfolded trial, I would have a hard time differentiating between department store and drugstore lipsticks. Surely there are people who claim they can, but I'd really doubt how truthful those claims are.

- 825 Fruit Punch: I am guessing this is ColorSensational High Shine Lipstick as Citrine had reviewed it last summer. She said it's a coral on her but on me it is a translucent but pigmented fruit punch red, true to its name. It has a rather thin texture, so it's not as emollient as I'd like it to be, but it works really well when I apply only one layer on my lower lip as a stain. Gives my lips a really juicy reddish pink splash with a sheen. Very pretty!

- D104 Peach Colada: I am guessing this is Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick. This swatches a salmon pink with some peach and a pearly finish with gold iridescent shimmers. This lipstick has a thicker and much more emollient texture, but due to this both the colors and the shimmers tend to shift around in patches during application. But then I just press my lips together and that solves the problem ^.^ It actually goes on my lips with a lot more gold. Gorgeous! Too bad it seems Maybelline had discontinued this line as I could no longer find it on their website. 

825 Fruit Punch, D104 Peach Colada, and Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Gloss in 953 Hi-tech Plum (will post soon)


cbsg5861 said...

Hehe don't feel bad for not trying out drugstore lipsticks- given all their hype I haven't yet bought any Maybelline lipsticks, sticking with Mac ATM... Your friend is very generous, I'd love to try both the Revlon and Maybelline lip balms ;)

D. said...

Hi Evi :)

She is generous isn't she? ^.^ I am so happy she sent me the things she did. I wouldn't have had a chance to try them otherwise!

Are the Revlon and Maybelline lip balms available where you are? I will review them both soon ^.^


Citrine said...

= =b...I think you should tell her about the swap (and the rainbow of sheet mask you added) so I am not mistaken for Citrine the Merciful.

Anyway, the threw-in are all extras I got (then I realize that consider my stash, I better let go some before they start to expire). I personally prefer the Maybelline lipstick formula over that of Revlon (two of what I had broke from the base before I even start to use them) because they are sheerer, thinner and more buildable. I have heard people comparing fruit punch to red-coral like viva glam Cyndi but I guess it changes a lot based on people's lip color...

Anyway, I wonder how those lip butter work for you (since I am not in love with any of the shades I own) .

D. said...

Hi Citrine ^.^

There's no mistake with Citrine the Merciful! I think I like the ring of that, actually xD But seriously, I do love all the stuff you sent, so thank you!

The Fruit Punch is perfect for my lip staining habits these days. The color is just right, not too red, not to pink. And it's really too bad Maybelline discontinued the Moisture Extreme lipsticks, because I would have pursue different colors, especially the reds and oranges if there were any. Oh, and I found some ColorSensational lip glosses on Ebay - Salsa Sun!!! wahoo!!!!

Aww...that's too bad you don't like the Revlon lip butters. I think they are marvelous (I'll put up a post on them soon)! I'm seriously going to collect a bunch of other colors, if I can get my grubby hands on them from this side of the planet. Haven't seen them around in the Japanese market yet, but I'm sure they'll do well here since the gals here tend to go for sheerer colors and more emollient textures.

Big hugs,

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