Sunday, May 6, 2012

Coffret D'Or Eye Color Part II

Here are the rest of the Coffret D'Or Eye Colors! If I have time, I'll go back and swatch all my T'estimo Color Eyes too. I've used and swatched 26 of them so far, but I have more I haven't touched ^.^

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I already described these in the first post, so I won't go into details again. These are honestly disappointing, with the exception of just a few colors I like, which is too bad. I was really hoping to be wowed, but oh well.

- PK-44: pearl, low intensity. A slightly pink pearl base/highlighter shade.

- PK-45: high shimmer, very sheer. This color surprised me. It looks way darker in the pan than it actually is, so I thought it would be similar to the BZ-04 above, but it turns out to be a sparkly top wash! A warm powder pink with larger multi-colored shimmer particles.

- PU-61: shimmer, low intensity. A translucent pale lavender base/highlighter shade.

- PU-62: shimmer, low intensity. A candied lilac that makes a nice lid shade. It's also bright enough to be layered on the crease.

From left to right: PK-44, PK-45, PU-61, and PU-62.

- SV-24: high shimmer, very sheer. A whitish silver sparkly top wash that leaves a gorgeous wet finish. Love this color!

- WT-09: pearl, low intensity. A white pearl base/highlighter shade.

- WN-33: satin, high intensity. A deep wine liner shade and another one of my favorite!

- YL-15: shimmer, low intensity. A translucent ivory pearl base/highlighter shade.

From left to right: SV-24, WT-09, WN-33, and YL-15.

See my previous Coffret D'Or Eye Color post.

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