Friday, August 14, 2009

T'estimo Color Eyes Part III

Review for these T'estimo Color Eyes are waaaaaay over due, sorry. I've been using these off and on since December but got distracted with other things and never got around to review them.

And actually, since my first review for these single T'estimo Color Eyes was in October 2007 and my last review for them was in March 2008, it's been so long since that I will re-list the 4 Intensities of Pigmentation and 5 Finishes below. Actually, I used to know of only 4 finishes and 1 new finish was just added in this review (see GY-35).

4 Intensities of Pigmentation:
- Very sheer: these usually provide just a translucent wash or as a highlighter/eye brightener, can be used as a base or finisher shadow (in the case of the super sparklies) and layering won't help with intensity
- Low: can be layered to reach medium intensity
- Medium: these are usually crease/accent colors, can be layered to reach high intensity
- High: I mostly use these as liner shadows; as they are so pigmented, I don't recommend layering them; well, unless you're going for that raccoon -erh, rock star- look, which some people can pull off pretty well actually; as you can tell though, I'm not one of them :P

5 Finishes: some shades can be duo-chromatic, i.e., metallic pearl, metallic satin, etc.
- Shimmer: low to medium intensity with luminous shine.
- Pearl: very sheer to medium intensity with fine iridescent/opalescent shine.
- Metallic: very sheer to medium intensity with intense metallic shine.
- Matte: very sheer to high intensity with no shine, may have a few sparkles that aren't noticeable unless examined closely or under direct light, appears completely matte otherwise.
- Satin: low to medium intensity with luminous satiny shine; these have shimmers so fine that they aren't really "shimmery" but instead "satiny" (hope that makes sense...)

- WN-32: metallic, medium intensity, the color is self explanatory in its name :) This color is gorgeous! Normally, a crease shadow in this color range will make me look like I got punched in the eyes or haven't slept for days, but this one is deep enough that I can get away with it as a liner or even to create smoky eyes. I'm actually starting to get into a "purple" phase and anything along the purple spectrum will attract me, provided it has to be deep enough to avoid the "bruised" effect.

- GD-25: metallic, very sheer, a metallic and sparkling champagne that's a staple for me and I have back-ups to prove my love for it :D It's a fail-proof eye opener/brightener, at least for me, and a sheer wash is all I need for cheerful sparkles in the sun. I did say sparkles, right? Yeah, it's very sparkly, which is fine by me :) I think it is neutral enough for those with cooler skin tone too.

- BR-70: metallic, medium intensity, although it shows up cooler in the swatch picture, it is a warm golden wood brown that I can actually wear on the crease (with a light hand, it's decently pigmented and can drown out the liner color) and doesn't turn all muddy or make me look like I've smeared dirt all over my eyes. This color makes a sultry bronzed-babe combo with the GD-25 as the wash and the WN-32 as the liner.

Top: WN-32
Bottom: GD-25
Left: BR-70

- DB-13: metallic, high intensity, a cool dark denim. Makes a great liner!

- GY-35: satin, medium intensity, a very pretty blue-toned smoky gray that I haven't really figure out how to use :( Okay, fine, I actually don't know what to do with it :X

- BU-61: metallic, very sheer, a warmer blue wash with hints of green shimmers.

- BU-58: shimmer, medium intensity, a brighter chalky blue that's on the cool side

- Top: DB-13
- Right: BU-61
- Left: GY-35
- Bottom: BU-58

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plue said...

testimo e/s are lovely!

i have 2 of their palettes, and am so sad testimo got DC and was replaced by Coffret. :(

Coffret isn't bad, but I think Testimo is better in e/s dept.

Dalenna said...

Hi plue!

Me too!!! I was heart broken when I T'estimo got the ax that I started collecting more and more before they're gone forever :(

Coffret D'Or is okay. I haven't really warmed up to it yet. But this summer they came out with 16 eye shadow singles that are total dead ringer for these T'estimo Color Eyes. Of course, I'm eyeing them, like, every day :D

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