Sunday, August 16, 2009

Naive Grapefruit Body Wash

Oops, I finished this Naive Grapefruit Body Wash a while back but forgot to review. Just like the Naive Aloe Body Wash, I bought this Grapefruit one a set with the 650 mL pump bottle, a 450 mL refill bag, and samples of Naive Shampoo and Conditioner, for $9 at my local Asian grocery store.

***Picture from TrueRenu.

Similar to the Aloe Body Wash, this Grapefruit one foamed like crazy and washed off squeaky clean. It smelled just like generic soap too, with may be a very light note of citrus. Sadly, this Grapefruit one was much harsher on my skin than the Aloe, and I often got dry and itchy arms and legs while using this. Not my favorite body wash, I'm afraid. Will not buy again because it was just like the Aloe, only worse. Bleh.

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