Friday, August 21, 2009

Rose & Co Apothecary Rose Petal Bath & Shower Cream and Rose & Glycerine Lotion

Yet another late review for the Rose & Co Apothecary Rose & Glycerine Lotion and the Rose Petal Bath & Shower Cream. These came in travel size from the Ballerina Net Gift in Rose Petal, which also includes a full size Extra Fancy Soap in Tea Rose.

The Rose & Co Apothecary Ballerina Net Gift in Rose Petal

I brought the Bath & Shower Cream and the Glycerine Lotion with me on my trip to visit my folks as back ups, you know, just in case. I know that sounds so unnecessary because I'm visiting my parents and I can always borrow some toiletries from them. But then again, I have all these things collecting at home that are from GWPs, as samples, or from promotions that I couldn't pass up. So as silly as it sounds, travels are good opportunities for me to try something I would otherwise never reach for at home.

In this particular case though, boy was I glad I brought backups, because otherwise I wouldn't have survived the lavender assault from The Body Shop Divinely Calm Heavenly Shower Gel (which I quickly relinquished to hubby's sole enjoyment) :D Now I regret not getting a Ballerina Net Gift in the Lavender scent since I really liked their Extra Fancy Soap in Lavender. See, there are tolerable lavender-scented body care stuff out there. Damn! I want to try the Lavender Lotion and Bath & Shower Cream so badly!

- Rose & Glycerine Lotion: I kept this little bottle with me at all time in my messenger bag for use on the go. I was actually pretty impressed with it. It was a light yet potent moisturizer. So what was the problem? The scent. Don't get me wrong, I didn't have any problem with the scent. Hubby did. Yep, he hated the smell of this lotion and every time I put some on in the car, he would put down all the windows to "air it out" LOL! To me, the rose scent was surprisingly bearable, and that came from me who used to hate ALL rose fragrances. It was definitely rosy, but it wasn't strong at all. Just for some reason, it gave hubby a headache every time I use it. So we both agreed to not buy either The Body Shop Divinely Calm Heavenly Shower Gel or this Rose Glycerin Lotion again. Funny how things worked out, but I guess that was reasonable. If you haven't figured this out by now, hubby and I share all the bath and body stuff at home, even many of the skincare products too :D

The full size Rose & Glycerine Lotion

- Rose Petal Bath & Shower Cream: this shower cream was a different story. Hubby could tolerate this scent, and admittedly it was much lighter than the lotion. Since he preferred the Divinely Calm shower gel anyway, I got this shower cream all to myself to use :D It was okay, definitely more moisturizing than the Divinely Calm shower gel, but it still didn't lather much. I guess I shouldn't complain too much since soaps that lathers well sometimes ended up being too harsh on my skin anyway. Still, I guess I didn't like it enough to buy the full size.

The full size Rose Petal Bath & Shower Cream

***Pictures from Rose & Co Apothecary UK.

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