Thursday, May 31, 2012

TGI Friday's Japan

Yes, there are TGI Friday's in Japan. Our neighbor S. told us we should give their margaritas a try whenever we're too lazy to trek all the way to Junkadelic Nakameguro. And so we went, especially since the place is right outside of the Yokohama station. It was a perfectly convenient stop for snacks and drinks after our long afternoon-early evening stroll.

And of course hubby got the English menu while I got the Japanese one. It happens every time, and the moment the waiter/waitress leaves, we'd swap menus ^.^ 

He ordered a margarita on the rocks and I got a blue pina colada, which turned out to be too strong.

We munched on buffalo wings, which was 8 for 1,000yen (~$12), and Philly Cheese Steak wrap and fries, which were 1,500yen (~$18). Expensive snacks, huh? The wings were good, a tad salty and not enough buffalo sauce, but they were good. The Philly Cheese Steak wrap was alright, but the fries were crunchy and hot!

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