Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bliss Fabulous Every Day Eye Cream

I have a large sample sachet of Bliss Fabulous Every Day Eye Cream that became a real life saver when this Taiwanese humidity melts even my trusty BeautyMate Nano Eye Essence T.T When my eye makeup started creasing after just a couple of hours, I panicked and scrambled to find a lighter replacement. In the mean time, I thought this would hold me over temporarily. Funny enough, I ended up sticking with it because it's been working out so well!

***Picture from Sephora USA.

This is called an eye cream but it's I think more of an eye milk, being too light to be a cream in addition to the viscous texture akin to many Asian made lotion (toners). It truly is fabulous! It is unscented, very light yet provides efficient moisture, and it absorbs instantly, drying to a dewy finish that is slightly damp (not sticky!) to the touch. Best of all, it actually keeps my sunscreen! Just as when I was attending classes in Yokohama, my skincare routine is done by 8AM and my sunscreen is on by 8:15AM to allow at least 15 minutes for the sunscreen to dry. My makeup is done by 9AM, after which I dash out the door for school ^.^

However, unlike Yokohama where I took the subway to school, I walk here in Taipei, a little more than a mile (~1.8km) in fact. One way. That totals to about 2.5+ miles a day, 5 days a week, not counting the 10-15 one way stroll to and from the nearby night market for dinner every night. And here I thought I had spent a lot of time on my feet in Japan. Anyway, on a hot day, I'd be a sweaty mess by the time I reach the school building. Thanks to this eye cream, my eye makeup stays fresh, and continues to stay fresh until around 3-4PM when my it starts creasing. Pretty darn good, I'd say, given this crazy humidity.

If I were still visiting my folks at home, this eye cream would not have suffice at all because it's so dry where they are. In fact, given how light it is, my eyes would have started peeling by now! But here I am in Taipei, and it's perfect for this weather. I told you that it's even more humid here than in Japan, right? Yep, it is. So thank goodness for this eye cream, and if you live in a really humid environment, I definitely recommend this eye cream! I've been using this sample sachet for 2+ weeks now, twice daily for morning and night, and given how much I still have left, I think I'm going to be covered for another 3-4 more weeks ^.^ I really only need a dab at a time because this eye cream is so thin and spreadable. In that sense, the full size tube will last me for months and months, which makes its $30 price tag quite a deal. That said, I get bored easily, so I probably won't buy the full size :P

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