Monday, November 26, 2012

Coffret D'Or 3D Glossy Eyes

Along with the Eye Appeal Shadows, I also brought these Coffret D'Or 3D Glossy Eyes with me to Taipei. I have 3 of these palettes, 01 Nudy Brown and 03 Urban Gray were bought shortly before leaving Japan, and 04 Pink Violet were purchase later, here in Taipei in fact. 

Like the Eye Appeal Shadows, these came without a compact, which is sold separately. Instead, they are packaged in a sliding clear plastic case that is slim and easy to pack. You just slide the eye shadow pan out of its lid and snap onto the compact and that's it. No dealing with messy glues at the bottom of either the pan or the compact. The eye shadows themselves have excellent staying power and did not crease on me at all throughout the day. Texture wise they are soft, smooth, and blends well, but again I think Coffret D'Or can do even better.

Coffret D'Or 3D Glossy Eyes in 01 Nudy Brown and 03 Urban Gray

04 Pink Violet

 I actually didn't try any of the testers before purchasing (in Japan or Taiwan) and these turn out to be very different than the Eye Appeal Shadows that came before. It's not like I know for a fact, but base on the name alone I'm guessing Coffret D'Or was going for something along the lines of Excel Glossy Shadows. Only none of the eye shadows are metallic, or even semi metallics, and none are sparkly, not even the almost transparent top wash! Sure, all the shadows are shimmery, but their finishes are more sophisticated with super fine shimmers that graduate to a soft focus glow as the day wears on. So in my humble opinion there is nothing 3D or glossy about these eye shadows. However, if you're looking for a lady-like softly shimmery palette that's still appropriate for the office, these are a fantastic choice!

01 Nudy Brown and 03 Urban Gray

04 Pink Violet

The biggest fault I find with these 3D Glossy Eyes is the pigmentation of the liner shades, which is a total hit and miss from one palette to another. In 2 of the 3 palettes I own, they swatch decently pigmented and opaque on the back of my hand but somehow turn reddish as well as translucent on my lids, making them totally unsuitable as liners, even when layered. So I ended up using these as medium crease shades, for which they are excellent but still leave me without a liner. Thank goodness for the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eye Shadow 55 Smokey Night palette. Another shortcoming is the pairing of the medium crease shade in 2 of the 3 palettes. While pigmentation is great, their color is too light to go well with the liner or to even be used as a crease shade at all!

A third complaint I have is the top washes. They are only a little more shimmery than the rest and are by no means sparkly. So on occasions I have used them as base and highlighter and they work just as well there, leaving me without a sparkling top wash. Again, I was prepared, having brought the Rimmel Shiny On Powder Eye Colors along. However, these three reasons are why I didn't buy more of these 3D Glossy Eyes like I did the Eye Appeal Shadows. I don't want 2 base and highlighters, or 3 in the case of the 04 Pink Violet palette, and 2 medium crease shades, all in one compact while having to reach else where for a separate liner and top wash. It just isn't practical, at least not for me.

- 01 Nudy Brown: a beige brown palette that may look neutral but is actually leaning warm, thanks to that odd reddish-turning liner!

Clockwise from top left:
- Base and highlighter: shimmer, very sheer. A pale buttery yellow in the pan but goes on an ivory. It's sheer but buildable and makes a great base color!
- Top wash: shimmer, very sheer. A very pretty peach top wash. Too bad you can't see it at all because it's nearly transparent!
- Liner: shimmer, medium intensity. A dark chocolate in the pan and on the back of my hand but is a reddish brown on my lid, especially on the lower lash line. Totally didn't expect this to happen at all :( The upside is that it makes a great medium shade, creating a vampy brown smokey eye look in combination with the intended medium shade below ^.^
- Medium shade: shimmer, medium intensity. A khaki beige that's surprisingly pigmented. I'm very pleased to have found another super flattering medium shade that adds great depth to my Asian eyes! Not only that, it goes well with the liner-cum-crease shade above too ^.^

- 03 Urban Gray: A neutral khaki gray palette that's professional and is great for the office! ...Which explains why I don't reach for it as often LOL!

Clockwise from top left:
- Base and highlighter: shimmer, very sheer. A buildable beige-y off white.
- Top wash: shimmer, very sheer. A purplish white that's, well, virtually clear shimmers.
- Liner: shimmer, high intensity. A charcoal that doesn't turn translucent on my lids. However, it's way more pigmented than the other liner shades, which makes it rather harsh when paired with the rest of the palette. Take a look at the swatches, here you have 3 soft light colors with this pigmented dark charcoal jumps out of nowhere. Odd pairing, I'd say.
- Medium shade: shimmer, medium intensity. A grayish khaki that's also surprisingly pigmented. Too bad it's a lighter color that doesn't go well with the harsh dark liner and I often have to, umm, "out-source" the lining to the Maybelline 55 Smokey Night palette.

- 04 Pink Violet: I bought palette solely for that  top wash and liner, but neither turns out to be what I'd hoped. Worse, the medium crease shade is so light a color it's pretty much a 3rd base and highlighter :( And yet somehow, it is my favorite palette out of all 3! Read on to see why.

Clockwise from top left:
- Base and highlighter: shimmer, very sheer. A buildable powder pink.
- Top wash: shimmer, very sheer. A pretty pale canary yellow. It's a shame you can't see it.
- Liner: shimmer, medium intensity. A bluish purple that swatches so well but turns so translucent on my lids it utterly fails as a liner. Worse, it becomes so red on my lower lash line it's pretty much a violet, making me look like I haven't slept for days! But then one day I got fed up with it as a liner and decided to wear it on my crease instead, at which point it became a gorgeous true purple that was glistening, just as its name suggests. What the?!? Wow! So you bet the palette became my fast favorite because of this shade ^.^
- Medium shade: shimmer, low intensity. A cool shell pink that's not a crease shade at all! That said, it works very well as a base and highlighter, especially when paired with the purple liner-cum-crease shade.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your views and swatches of the coffret d'or palattes again :) You're the only one who seem to be swatching those palettes and its always good to know what they look like.

D. said...

Hi anonymous!

Thank YOU for reading and leaving a comment.

I started this blog to share, and I'm very glad my swatches help, even if just a tiny little bit ^.^


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