Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rimmel Shiny On Powder Eye Color

Browsing through the Plaza store at the top floor of the Yokohama Sotetsu Joinus (a multi-level department store), I came across these Rimmel Shiny On Powder Eye Colors. Having found a new appreciation for the sheer and sparkly eye shadows, thanks to the Lavshuca Eye Color Select palettes, I played with these for a while and decided I must have all 4 colors, 01 - Gold, 02 - Silver, 03 - Pink, and 04 - Taupe.

Good thing these were very reasonably priced, only 700yen each. I should point out that although they look rectangular and slightly larger, they contain the same amount of product (1.4g) as other single eye shadows from mid-end brands such as Coffret D'Or (1.4g) and Maquillage (1.3-1.5g). Texture wise, they are definitely nowhere as silky smooth as Maquillage eye shadows due to the amount of shimmers, but they are not as gritty as the sparkly wash on the Lavshuca Eye Color Selects either having finer shimmers. I'd say they are somewhere in between, more or less consistent with the texture of most Lavshuca eye shadows, particularly the Summer Gradually Compacts.

- 01-Gold: shimmer, very sheer. A yellow gold wash that's on the brighter and warmer side than the neutral gold wash in the Lavshuca Eye Color Select palette BR-2.

- 02-Silver: shimmer, low intensity. A true silver and a touch more opaque than the gold but is still translucent and sparkly enough to be used a finishing wash.

- 03-Pink: shimmer, very sheer. A fresh pink with gold shimmer that looks cool in the pan than when swatched. I was hoping for a pinky peach along the line of the finishing shade in the Lavshuca Eye Color Select palette BR-1, but I can't resist this color either ^.^

- 04-Taupe: shimmer, low intensity. A gorgeous ashy grayish taupe that's has a bit more pigment than the other 3, though is probably still sheer by others' standard. This color has the smoothest texture out of the 4 due to having less sparkles. I still love it nonetheless!

Don't worry, the sparkling wattage seems to have been tone down because the picture was taken in natural light without any flash. The eye shadows themselves are plenty sparkly and are sheer, as the swatches were layered (more so on the gold and pink, less so on the silver and taupe).

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