Monday, February 11, 2013

Hadanomy Collagen Lotion

Next up is the Hadanomy Collagen Lotion, which I was using daily while visiting with my parents but have since reduced usage to only occasionally when I feel my skin needs extra help. This is a lotion (toner) that is viscous, making it more of a water-like gel. It is thicker than the Collagen Concentrated Mist. While it does melt upon contact and becomes more watery in my palm, it's still not quite as runny as the mist. 

Suggested routine for nights (purple section): 
1. Collagen Cleansing (for makeup removal, pink tube, haven't tried this yet; if you wear a water resistant Japanese sunscreen, you will need an oil cleanser to remove that first), OR
2. Collagen Wash (follow up cleanser, pink pump bottle, I skipped this and didn't bother with it)
4. This Collagen Lotion
5. Collagen Milk (using right now, will review next)
6. Twice a week treatment: Collagen Mask (skipped this too) 
7. Concentrated Lotion (left this at home, but will review too)
8. Collagen Cream (haven't tried this yet)

Suggested routine for days (yellow section):
1. Collagen Wash
3. This Collagen Lotion
4. Collagen MilkOR
5. Collagen Cream
***Hadanomy product guide from Hadanomy JP.

This lotion is also unscented and is more moisturizing than the mist. I would even say it's more moisturizing than the Collagen Milk! I can mist my face 5-6 times and would still be fine, but if I use too much of this lotion, it would leave me slightly sticky. It worked wonder in the dry climate where my folks are. In fact, I was layering this lotion on top of the mist and my skin would still soak it right up, much so I wouldn't even feel either of them on!

That is not the case here in SF. Thanks to this lotion, I feel SF's humidity on my face, as in it leaves me a touch sticky, even when its water is deep frying my skin! So yes, I stopped layering them and am sticking with the mist for daily use, reaching for the lotion only when my skin feels extra dry. Even then, I would have to use it sparingly and not as liberally as when I was visiting with my parents.  If you live in a dryer environment and have dry skin, I would definitely recommend this lotion. If you live in a humid environment and have dry skin, go easy on this lotion or try the mist instead!


❥anyajang★ said...

seems like a good lotion for dry skin ^.^ thanks for the review~

D. said...

Hi anyajang,

Thank you for reading and commenting!

I do like this Collagen Lotion, though I must admit it works much much better for me in drier climates since I hate the feel of stickiness. But in terms of price versus the giant bottle you get, it's a DEAL!


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