Thursday, July 18, 2013

Astalift [Day] Cream

This tiny 5g jar of Astalift [Day] Cream is lasting me for freakin' ever! It came with the 2012 Deluxe Trial Set I bought from Rakuten JP, and after two months of daily use I still have half a jar left to go! If I sound impatient, that's because I am :X

This is a milky orangey cream scented with the same Astalift signature mild rose fragrance. Astalift Japan calls this product simply Cream and I was only able to figure out that it's a day cream because they also have a separate night cream, which they call, well, Night Cream. Astalift UK labels it a bit more clearly, distinguishing it as Replenishing Day Cream versus the Regenerating Night Cream. I am not sure if the UK version is formulated any differently than the Japanese version. 

Funny enough, this day cream is rather thick and moisturizing for a day cream, much so I actually started out using it as a night cream LOL! Then a few weeks into it my skin reacts to the cool SF summer weather, forcing me to switch it to day use. 

Just to clarify, SF summer is actually quite cool with many cloudy days where the temperature hangs around between the high 50F's to mid 70F's. In fact, this is my first time having such a cool summer and there were days when it's so cold it tricked both me and hubby into thinking we had somehow switched hemisphere! Needless to say, it's really hilarious when I walk around town and hear people hyping over a "heatwave" when the temperature barely passes 80F. Are you kidding me?!? Go to Taiwan or Japan, or hell, your sister states Arizona or New Mexico, and try a *real* heatwave for change! Spoiled brats. 

Anyways, due to its thick and creamy texture I literally use a dab each for my forehead, cheeks, and chin, which is probably why I still have half a jar after two months of daily use! And yet somehow, I have accumulated yet another 5g jar from the 2013 Astalift Hari Skin Trial Kit and not one but two 15g jars from my feelunique haul :X But I'm not complaining! One or both of those 15g jars are going to my mum and she loves getting freebies from me LOL!  

Astalift Japan Hari Skin Trial Kit 2013
***Screencap from Fuji Film Skincare Japan.

The 5g jar from Hari Skin Trial Kit.

Astalift Discovery Collection (top 2) and Radiance Boosting Trio (bottom 2) via feelunique UK.
 ***Screencaps from UK.

Discovery Collection and Radiance Boosting Trio

15g jar from above 2 sets.

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