Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

Thanks to Clarin's 2013 Spring Beauty Gift GWP, I caved and bought the Feed 10 Kit I've been eyeing for a long time.

Finally taking the Clarins plunge, ...

...And this 2013 Spring Beauty Gift is to blame.

The Feed 10 Kit comes with another 3mL/0.1fl oz. tube of UV Plus HP SPF40 Day Screen, which was passed on to my mum as I already had a revisit, 1.06oz. of Beauty Flash Balm, which I'm using and will review soon, 0.13oz. jar of Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, a makeup primer which I don't use and probably won't get to, and 0.15oz. tube of Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in the color 01 Rose Shimmer, which I am reviewing in this post. 

In short, I bought this kit for just 2 items. Urgh.

At least the red pouch is well made. It's cotton canvas and also lined with cotton ^.^

I'm not sure how the full size looks like, but this mini version is in a squeeze tube with an oversized fuzzy and slanted doe foot applicator, which is somewhat unusual. Most squeeze tubes just have a plastic applicator that's either domed shape or slanted.

Like the Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Child, I love the formula but not so hot on this color. The gloss is scented with a sweet vanilla scent and has no taste. The formula is thick but super smooth and not sticky at all. It's also quite moisturizing with excellent lasting power - a good 5 hours with snacking and sipping on water!

- 01 Rose Shimmer: is nothing close to rosy, unfortunately. Instead, it's a milky powder pink that reflects a pink pearly sheen when viewed under a direct source of light. In theory, and may be even on some people's lips, it should be very pretty. On mine, it's just...pale. Even though the milkiness adapts somewhat to my lips, the opacity is still there and as a result, it tones down the natural color of my lips. This would actually be a great thing if your lips are naturally pigmented and you want it toned dow, but it's just not working for me :( In the end, I can only wear this at home, which further brings the total usable products in this Feed 10 Kit down to just 1, the Beauty Flash Balm. Ha...

Despite not liking this color, I like the formula enough to want to try the gloss in a different color. Will stake out for the next juicy GWP ^.^

On the other hand, this 2013 Spring Beauty Gift is pretty nice ^.^ It comes with 20mL Gentle Foaming Cleanser, 50mL/1.7fl oz. Toning Lotion Alcohol-free with Chamomile, 15mL/0.53oz. Super Restorative Night Cream, 10mL/0.35oz. Shaping Facial Lift Serum, mini Wonder Perfect Mascara, which I'm contemplating trying, and mini Bronzing Duo in 10 Bright Sun. To my surprise, the bronzer actually looks rather soft and pretty, which is very encouraging and I might actually use it too! 

The envelope clutch is nice and well made, but the outer PVC material feels a bit, umm, plastic -.-' Not complaining though, Clarins' GWP are very nice and generous.

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