Friday, September 27, 2013

Tarte LipSurgence Part III

Picked up these Tarte LipSurgence Lip Creme when they were on sale back in May. I only saw 3 colors Admired, Loved, and Carefree so I bought all 3.

From left to right: LipSurgence Lip Creme AdmiredLoved, and Carefree. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

From the description I thought these would be a creamier version of the Lip Tints, the ones without the shimmers, as in somewhat opaque and also free of shimmers. When they arrived, I got a bit confused. While the pencil cases are metallic, the colors aren't. Admired and Loved are translucent and shimmer free and identical to the Lip Tints I have, while Carefree is translucent but with shimmers, identical to the Lip Lusters. Huh? So why are these called Lip Creme? I don't get it! They do not stain much, is that why? Instead of a lip tint that leaves a slight stain, these are more of non-staining a tinted balm?

Anyway, I do like the texture of the Lip "Cremes" a lot, especially Admired and Love because of the identical buttery smooth application, moisturizing, longer lasting minty scent, and the nice sheen they leave behind. All 3 still do have a taste still, which I'm trying really hard to ignore :) But otherwise, I'd totally recommend these if you catch them on sale!

- Admired: a translucent and shimmer free deep red. I think this red is pretty neutral, not too cool and not too warm. I was afraid it might give me that accidentally-ingested-poison look but it doesn't! Totally wearable.

- Loved: a translucent and shimmer free yellow based tomato red, my favorite of the bunch! Very lovely and juicy red that's sheer enough to be worn during the day but is buildable. Mix it with Admired above for a more sultry red.

- Carefree: a translucent lilac tinged lotus pink with gold shimmers. From the look of it in the tube, I thought I'd hate it. To my surprise it's actually kind of flattering on my lips, totally unexpected!

Admired, Loved, and Carefree.

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kuri said...

These sound great! And now that I think about it, the lotus pink color looks quite wearable. Argh!

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Actually, Carefree is a gorgeous color! It's super flattering on me and I love it!


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