Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Macadamia Moisturizing Shampoo

This Suave Professionals Natural Infusion Macadamia Moisturizing Shampoo was a 59mL/2fl oz. travel size I took on a road trip with hubby, while we were traveling back and forth for our move. It was a bundled freebie from the Almond + Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo.

First thing first, the scent is nice. Very much reminds me of the Bath and Body Work's warm vanilla sugar, a classic sweet, warm, and fuzzy scent. I like it! 

The shampoo itself is as moisturizing as they claimed, a bit too rich for my hair actually, probably because I already have an oily scalp and my hair is thick. While this shampoo makes my hair super duper soft, it does turn my head greasy the next day, very much in the same manner as the old Asience Shampoo before the whole line got revamped into 2 types, Inner Rich and Nature Smooth (I've also tried a Shine Therapy Taiwanese version but didn't like it). So yes, if you have super thick hair, or if your hair is dry and damaged, I'd totally recommend this. In fact, I'm going to tell my sister about it. She was a big fan of the said old Asience shampoo and was heartbroken they replaced with something worser off -.-'

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