Friday, October 17, 2014

Skin79 The Oriental Perfect Cover BB Cream

Been looking forward to this 10g tube of Skin79 The Oriental Perfect Cover BB Cream, as I've read it's one of the more popular ones in Korea!

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Like other Skin79 bb creams, this Oriental Perfect Cover one is also scented. Actually, all the bb creams I've tried are scented, so until I run into one that's not, let's just agree that they are ^.^ And like other Skin79 bb creams, this Oriental Perfect Cover one is thin and runny, feels just like a liquid foundation to me. It provides moderate to decent coverage. Once dry and set, it stays put pretty well and requires cleansing oil for complete removal. Not all bb creams require special cleanser like this, but I do recommend that you use an oil cleanser for complete removal anyway, just in case.  

The color is okay, out of the tube it's a lot more yellow and oxidizes to an ashier and pinkier skin color that somewhat matches mine. After blending it does work decently well for a highlighter/concealer around my nose, mouth, and under eye area. However, it's drying for me, and funny enough it still settles into lines after a while despite the dryness. So when I apply more it gets caky, and when I apply less it's gets flaky. So unfortunately it's a bit of a disappointment :( In fact, I haven't liked any of the Skin79 bb creams I've tried thus far, so I think I'm going to stop trying with this brand and try more bb cream varieties of HanSkin, for example, several of which I like (will get to these soon!).

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