Sunday, November 9, 2014

Astalift Nurturing Eye Cream

I have 2 of these 7g deluxe trial tube of Astalift Nurturing Eye Cream, one from the Discovery Collection and the other from the Radiance Boosting Trio below. I have been using one tube for the past month and it's about time I review it. From both of these sets I've already reviewed the Day Cream and, of course, the Jelly Aquarysta. I just used up the last of my Jelly Aquarysta last month and have decided to take a break, trying out a different serum from Patricia Wexler MD (will review later).

Discovery Collection (top) and Radiance Boosting Trio (bottom).

Discovery Collection

Radiance Boosting Trio

To be honest I'm actually quite disappointed with this Nurturing Eye Cream. For one, it's very extremely thick and sticky, much so it feels like whipped honey. Sounds yummy, until it pulls and tugs on my skin when I try to apply it to my eye area. Yes, it's that thick and sticky! I tried massaging a dollop onto the back of my hand and that pinched me! So this requires dabbing movements only during application around the eye.

As for moisture, it's okay. Being so thick it takes a long time to absorb, and honestly I think it really doesn't absorb much at all and just sits there on top of my skin. This mean a greasy eye area when I wake up in the morning, and wiping my eyes means stinging and burning. So sadly, I don't like this eye cream at all and will probably give my second tube away. Someone else might appreciate it more than I do.

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