Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lunasol Sheer Breeze Eyes

Lunasol Sheer Breeze Eyes is a summer 2015 offering with two varieties: EX01 Refreshing Breeze Collection and EX02 Passion Breeze Collection.

***Screencap from Lunasol.

I started out eyeing EX01 because it's a neutral taupe brown palette, at the same time I was iffy with that neon yellow shade and the cobalt blue accent. The only pan with some color is the top left with the liner taupe brown and cobalt blue, while the other 3 look way too light to show up at all on me. In the end, I went with EX02 Passion Breeze Collection.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I'm ambivalent with this palette. On one hand, I like unique poinsettia red accent shade and love that coral-peach sparkling top wash. On the other hand, I'm underwhelmed with the lack of metallics. There's not even a semi metallic in this palette! Despite the sophisticated and feminine look, I'm afraid this palette is somewhere along the lines of the 15th Anniversary Summer Eyes, as in sorta kinda boring ^.^"

The texture is decent, but the only shade that's buttery to the touch is the base/highlighter, which turns out to be a soft matte. Everything else is smooth but not as soft as I would hope. Pigmentation is also decent, but nothing impressive either.

Clockwise from center left:
- Accent: satin, medium intensity. A pretty poinsettia red that's quite bold for an eye shadow, at least I think so...
- Liner: shimmer, medium intensity. A shimmery plum-toned brown. A tad warm but not too bad. I use a cooler brown liner to "neutralize" it for the upper lash line. It's okay on the lower lash line, and doesn't turn too red. Also, this brown is light enough that it will work as a medium crease shade with a light hand application.
- Lid: shimmer, medium intensity. A semi translucent beige that matches my natural skin tone well, much so that it almost disappears on the back of my hand were it not for the glistening wet finish. I had a hard time pinpointing the finish for this shade. It not quite semi metallic, yet with that glistening wet finish it's definitely not a satin. So in the end I settled for an ambiguous "shimmer."
- Base/highlighter: matte, low intensity. A softly matte powder pink. Normally I would hate this, but this matte is quite soft and not chalky at all.
- Sparkling top wash: high shimmer, low intensity. A gorgeous coral-peach with gold and violet shimmers. Yes, violet shimmers - this is my favorite color in the palette! As you can see it's decently pigmented for a top wash, so it works as a lid shade also.


kuri said...

Pretty, but I will pass. It sounds like other Lunasol palettes are better. I'm eying the summer Suqqu 3 shadow palettes...

D. said...

Hi kuri,

I'm eyeing those Suqqu trios too!!! Although I feel a bit miffed paying 5,000+ yen for just 3 eye shadows and even then, one of them is a base/highlighter, so I'm really only getting 2 colors >.<"


kuri said...

that is a good point - maybe the duos or the quads would be better...

D. said...

the quads are even worse because I'm paying 7,000yen for 4 colors, 1 of which is a base/highlighter, and a lot of time the "medium" color is pretty light as well, so I'm really only getting 2 colors :(

kuri said...

I guess Suqqu just isn't great value for us. Maybe someday I will buy Addiction and Suqqu.

D. said...

Yeah that's how I feel. That was why when I found EX-21 Murasakisuishou on Rakuten JP ( I jumped on it, because that was 6 out of 8 colors that I can use! But yeah, so far I'm reluctant to get anything else from Suqqu.

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