Saturday, September 5, 2015

Biotherm Homme Aquapower Oligo-Thermal Care Ultra Moisturizing

Recently, Biotherm tempted me to try their products with a generous promotion, and of course it works, because I'm gullible like that. Ended up buying 3 full size products, a moisturizer and shaving cream for hubby, and a toner for myself. The moisturizer is this 75mL/2.52fl. oz. pump bottle of Biotherm Homme Aquapower Oligo-Thermal Care Ultra Moisturizing.

The 3 full sizes are at left, the rest are freebies ^.^

You know me and I'd give most skincare items a try. But not hubby. He's really picky with his skincare. Whatever he puts on his face has to be super light and dries completely to a naked skin feel, be it moisturizer or sunscreen. Otherwise, he won't touch it at all. This Aquapower seems to fit the bill, at least in writing, supposedly an "ultra-moisturizing, fresh, and light cream gel." It helps to know that it's the bestselling item for Biotherm Homme.

Once we got here to Tokyo, I brought it out for hubby. He was skeptical at first, because it's still very hot and humid right now and he wasn't keen on being any stickier than he already is on most days. But the very next night he actually came to me specifically to say he likes this stuff. It was a very light gel-cream but very moisturizing, he said. I thought it was too strongly scented because he'd smell like he'd spritzed on cologne every night after the shower, but he apparently didn't mind the strong scent. Thankfully, by the morning the scent mostly dissipated. So there you have it, a picky-guy pleaser. I might have to sample it myself one of these days...

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