Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Embassy Suites Denver Downtown Convention Center, Denver

While in Denver for the conference, hubby and I stayed at the Embassy Suites Denver, at the Downtown Convention Center location (where every other conference-goer was staying...). Overall it was a good stay, although with a hiccup at the beginning.

Here's the view from the entrance door. Somehow we lucked out with a 2-room suite with a seating area that has a queen sleeper sofa. It was an apartment-sized hotel suite and we honestly didn't know what to do with all the space we had!

Looking back at the entrance door from the drink-bar, which had a sink, mini fridge, and microwave. On the opposite side of the drink bar was the bathroom.

Looking at the drink bar (with the bathroom's reflection on the closet mirror) from the bedroom entrance.

Overall, it was a nice and comfy week-long stay. The hiccup I mentioned above had to do with housekeeping. The drink bar area had tile floor instead of carpet, and that floor was sticky in some spots. Upon a closer look, I found brown remnants of spilt something, probably [and I hope it was] coffee, that didn't get mopped up. So I mopped it myself towels from the bathroom. I'm a no-shoes-indoor person and stepping on sticky tiles just grosses me out.

Also, on the first night we found some nasty dried up splatter on one side of our bed skirt, bloody mucus of some kind. As it was already so late (past 10pm), we decided we'd wait until the morning to call the front desk. Poor hubby was so disgusted he couldn't sleep at all, tossing and turning all night. Good thing it was a king bed and we sort of rolled over to my side of the bed. Yuck.

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