Friday, September 18, 2015

Lancome Absolue Eye Precious Cells

Oops, totally forgot to take a photo of this Lancome Absolue Eye Precious Cells before using it up :( It was a generous 8g/0.2oz. jar too ($33 value!)! I don't remember which GWP this came with, but it must have lasted me at least 2 months. I was using it throughout my grad school boot-camp all of July, then through graduation and moving all of August.

This was a very light eye cream that was a shimmery beige color, though I didn't care for the prettiness. Since it was summer and this was light, I used it exclusively during daytime. It tended to pill up when I accidentally applied too much, and now that I think about it, this pilling thing is common to many Lancome eye creams I've used thus far, even serums and sometimes face creams. I think it was unscented. If there were any fragrance, it was so mild I stopped noticing. Over all an okay eye cream and I definitely would never ever purchase the full size 0.7oz at $117! Good lord, they think I work for Goldman Sachs or something?

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