Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Only in Japan... Part III

Because Japan!

About a week after our arrival into Tokyo, a new Doraemon movie was about to premier. To promote the movie, they had about a gazillion of these Doraemon statues around the area right in front of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower entrance, each unique from another. Of course the place was swamped with kids and these were the only photos I could get without having to wait forever.

Also spotted around the Roppongi area, and they're probably everywhere else too, are these Takarazuka ads. If you're thinking the pictured Al Capone looks oddly pretty, it's because you're correct that it's a woman playing his role. That's what Takarazuka is all about: 5 troupes of women theater performers who put on Broadway-style shows, playing both male and female roles. They're really famous and popular, with legions of fans! Hubby and I decided we must see at least one show while we're here, not in the least because we're only a few subway stations away from a Takarazuka theater in Yurakucho ^.^

Instructions on how to eat soba found in a chain soba ya. LOL!

Here's a series of hilarious add for a security company, found in Harajuku. Spot-on adds for the intended audience, I'd say, because Harajuku is always crawling with tweens and teens. Hubby helped with some kanji and I filled in the rest (loosely, my lame attempt at comedic effect).

Guy: *cupping girl's face* Woman, take better care of your password!

Guy: *sweeping girl up in his arms* Such a simple password is dangerous yo...

Guy: *throws his arms around girl* Until you fix your password, (cue Bryan Adams) I will be right here waiting for you...

Girl: *tugging on guy's shirt* What's wrong with my password, you jerk!

Girl: *running away from guy* See ya later, password, you short and dumb chump...

And last but not least, hubby says these posters have always been there, even when we were living here last, but I swear I've never seen them! Either way, this is a poster for the emergency brake button for subway trains.

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