Thursday, September 3, 2015

Osteria Marco, Denver

Denver used to be SIL's stomping ground and naturally, we asked her for food recommendations when we were there. She suggested Osteria Marco. We went, and our conclusion was that the food was heavy and hearty but delicious, the portions were way too big and the place was way too loud. So go in a big group but expect to yell and scream to be heard.

The food was really good though, and the menu is huge! Hubby and I started out with meatball sliders and tomato basil soup, both of which were yummy.

The Caprese was delectable and I absolutely loved the balsamic vinegar they used. So flavorful! Then hubby ordered the house salad and that was when we were hit with the surprise food portion. The salad came out on a dinner plate and piled 6 inches high. I guess it was meant to be shared but being first-time diners there, we had no idea :X

For main entree hubby ordered lamb meat balls and it toll came out as 2 gigantic tennis ball-sized meatballs! He looked at me for help but I already had my plate full with grilled scallops. Thankfully, they only gave me 3 scallops, although they too were pretty sizable. Holy cheesus crispers we totally overate there and the experience scarred us a bit :(

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