Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge SPF11 Part II

So I've been going around the drugstores in my area, looking for the new Canmake Lip & Cheek Gels that's supposed to be out mid October, only it's passed mid November and they're still nowhere to be seen! I've been checking Rakuten JP repeatedly, and the listings have finally begun to trickle in, of course with the limited edition #4 Blood Cranberry already sold out. How? When? I'm quite mystified as to how this whole process works! I even remember this same frustration and bewilderment when hubby and I were living in Yokohama, when I would go around to all the drugstores I know in anticipation of new releases and finding none!

But I was able to find the new Stay-On Balm Rouge SPF11 at least. The color 10 Flowery Princess has been out since April, and 11 Raspberry Rose was released on the same date as the MIA Lip & Cheek Gels and sure enough I bought this color the week of October 15! Meanwhile, here I am still wondering where the hell are the Lip & Cheek Gels?!? There was also a new Candy Wrap Lip in 17 Cherry Sherbet, which the Canmake website describes as a "neon pink." However, when I swatched it in store, it turned out to be a meh, nondescript pink that would simply disappear on my lips. So I just skipped it altogether. 

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Anyway, I'm a fan of these Balm Rouge. I find them more moisturizing than the Clinique Chubby Sticks and their colors and finishes better suited for everyday wear than the Tarte Lip Surgence Lip Tints. To me, the Balm Rouges are tinted balms to the fullest sense: balmy, moisturizing, and not too pigmented or opaque that I feel like I'm wearing lipsticks. Because otherwise, I'd simply reach for lipsticks instead? ^.^" For example, when I leave the house, I'd want to feel a bit "put together" and would apply lipsticks (current love: Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouges). If I met up with hubby or friends to have lunch or coffee/tea, it's the Balm Rouge that I reapply with.

If I just wanted moisture, I'd reach for the Integrate Sakura Drop Essence in Sakura, Coffret D'Or Elegant Jewelry Rouge from the 2014 Total Designing Set, or the mini Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment (a freebie, mind you!), depending on which bag I have with me at the time. Even then, I carry them solely because of their size. Likewise, the only thing working against the Balm Rouge is their bulky chubby twist-up pencil packaging, and they're actually smaller than the Chubby Sticks!

- 10 Flowery Princess: a pink coral that's quite flattering. It swatched with a lot more red on the back of my hand than on my lips, probably because the back of my hand is yellower than my lips. Either way, on my lips the color is true to how it appears in the tube. Gorgeous, isn't it?

- 11 Raspberry Rose: a medium rose that's more neutral than Coffret D'Or Rouge Essence RS-282. Also, I'm feel deja vu with all these corals and roses. Perhaps that's the trend in the Japanese lip color market. Either way, I'll swatch them together next time to compare.

10 Flowery Princess and 11 Raspberry Rose.

See my previous Canmake Stay-On Balm Rouge SPF11 post.

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