Thursday, November 19, 2015

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow Part II

Urgh. About a month ago I went to the Mitsukoshi Ginza to play with some Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow testers, ...and left with two palettes 10 梢茶 (Kozuecha) and 12 紺瑠璃 (Konruri). Definitely felt like a chump with no self-control whatsoever -.-" And of course the ladies at the counter there gave me this beautiful flier for the 2015 Christmas Makeup Kit A and B, telling me come back and swatch these limited edition Eye Color Palettes when they go on display. I didn't go back of course. It was just too dangerous for my thin wallet.

 All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I'm glad to have these two palettes, finally getting some of that buttery goodness everyone's been worshiping Suqqu for! That said, I'm still not in love with these eye shadows the way I was head over heels with Lunasol. So if you're listening, Lunasol, your recent yawn-inducing releases are killing this love!

But I digress. I'm disappointed that the Suqqu palettes have these matte base/highlighters that are pretty much a complete waste of compact space (and my money). It's the very reason I dragged my feet in getting these palettes! I had expected this, and unfortunately I'm correct that it does nothing other than disappearing on my skin. Sure, the palette's overall buttery texture and excellent pigmentation somewhat make up for this useless pan, but I lament that it could have been so much better.

- 10 梢茶 (Kozuecha): a dream of a neutral palette and perfect for everyday wear, in or out of the office! Now if only that base/highlighter is not matte.

Clockwise from top left:
- Lid: shimmer, medium intensity. A pretty pale golden peach that's just perfect on its own as a wash all over the lids. To add depth but still keep things low key, I would apply this on the inner 2/3 of the upper lids, and apply the metallic beige below on the outer 1/2.
- Lid: metallic, medium intensity. A gorgeous metallic beige that's again just perfect on its own all over the lids, dotting the shimmery peach above in the middle of the lid for accent.
- Base/highlighter: matte, medium intensity. Off-white. It may be buttery to the touch but being off-white and matte it appears chalky no matter how I apply it. Completely useless pan of rather expensive chalk.
- Medium/crease: shimmer, high intensity. Neutral earthy brown with gold and bronze shimmers. I use this for a soft smudgy smoky look whenever I'm too lazy to line my eyes. I would apply the peach or beige above all over the lids first, then using a pencil brush or the side of a medium eye shadow brush I dab this onto the outer 1/3, along both the upper and lower lash lines.
- Liner: satin, high intensity. Rich neutral chocolate brown that's super duper pigmented. That swatch is a single swipe!

- 12 紺瑠璃 (Konruri): I thought I would prefer 10 Kozuecha more but turns out I like this palette just as much! What's more surprising is that I like this palette not for the pink-tinted peach or the metallic pink-tinted taupe but rather the navy liner and the medium pool blue. Who would have thunk? Also, whereas 10 Kozuecha has 2 lid shades, this palette has 2 medium/crease shades, just not as deep. See comparison photos below!

Clockwise from top left:
- Lid: shimmer, medium intensity. A pink-tinted peach that appears similar to the golden peach in 10 Kozuecha until I compare them side by side (below). Again, great on its own as a wash all over the lids. 
- Medium/crease: metallic, medium intensity. Metallic pink-tinted taupe. This color is too deep to be worn all over the lids, so I just wear it beneath the crease.
- Base/highlighter: matte, medium intensity. A whisper pink. Again, completely useless.
- Medium/crease: shimmer, high intensity. A striking pool blue (or indigo dye blue?) that reminds me of a colleague during my JET days. Her eyes were of this color, and she told me she'd been poked in the eyes quite a few times: her students thought her eyes were fake (seriously?), or that she was wearing color lenses (seriously!!!).
- Liner: satin, high intensity. Navy. Again, that swatch is a single swipe!

At a glance, these 2 palettes look similar, especially with the 3 pans at top left, top right, and bottom right. However, when compare them side by the side, it's obvious 10 Kozuecha is totally neutral while 12 Konruri is actually leaning warm save for the blue pan! Interesting, hmm?

See my previous Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow post.


Citrine said...

Weird! I actually really like the white matte pan as a base (then again, I only used it in Ginbudou)I much prefer it to any other pearly base. It literally disappears into skin and make my lid much less dry than it looks (something I really appreciate during colder days)...I really like both Kozuecha and konruri but I decided the shades are not unique enough for that extra 15 dollars of markup (if it's 60 bucks maybe I will be less reluctant)...

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

That's interesting. This matte base disappears into my skin too...only to turn it dry and flaky :(

I like these quints and am super excited Suqqu is releasing more quints in the spring. And no mattes :P


Citrine said...

Can't wait to see your review if you decided to get any of the two. You never ok-ed the lunasol chocolates so I just skipped them altogether.

Right now I only cave if it's a LE I really like (not the Christmas ones though)I am really happy with the older quads (each with two mattes lol), I started wearing sakurakaba yesterday and I like that a lot (it's more boring than any lunasol boring neutral).

D. said...

I'd go bonkers if there were 2 mattes in my quad >.<"

Are you sure you want to skip the Lunasol chocolates? We do differ in opinions and you might really like it. Either way, I just got back from Mitsukoshi and while there I swatched all 3 chocolates palettes for you. Will email you the photo in a bit.

On another note, I swatched the Suqqu Christmas Kits too and bought Kit A (with the gold-brown-navy trio). Will review it soon(ish)!


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