Monday, February 22, 2016

Suqqu 2016 Spring Color Collection Swatches Part II

Stopped by the Suqqu counter at Mitsukoshi Ginza the other day and swatched the 2 new Bright Up Lipsticks in 08 澄橙 (Sumidaidai) and 09 薊映 (Azamibae) while at it.

 ***Screencaps from Suqqu JP.

I don't know about the other colors in this line but these 2 new ones are obviously jellies. Both are semi-translucent with shimmer free colors, and very decently pigmented. I won't take the bait though, because I think 5,400JPY for a lipstick is just too much, especially when I can get the same bright jellies from Lunasol or Coffret D'Or.

- 08 澄橙 (Sumidaidai): a orange red.

- 09 薊映 (Azamibae): cool medium pink, not bright to be hot pink but is still pretty bright and fresh.


Shirayuki said...

So pretty! Are they moisturizing?

D. said...

Hi Shirayuki,

I'm too cheap to shell out for these lipsticks so I don't know if they're moisturizing or not ^.^" but I have tried other jelly formulas from Coffret D'Or and Lunasol and these are very moisturizing.

If you end up trying these, let me know what you think and if you find them moisturizing.


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