Saturday, June 3, 2017

Addiction Misty On Skin Refresher Travel Blend

Through various purchases at the Addiction counter on the B1 floor of the Ginza Mitsukoshi, I ended up with two 12mL spray bottles of this Misty On Skin Refresher Travel Blend.

According to the Addiction JP website, this is a rosewater toner mist scented with organic juniper berry essential oil. Funny enough, this organic juniper berry essential oil doesn't show up anywhere on the product's short list of ingredients, where the fragrance is shown as just that, "fragrance." Regardless, it smells mostly "herbal" to me, probably because I don't know what *real* juniper smells like (I think the "juniper" in American made hand creams and whatnot is mostly artificial).

Anyway, the mist is loaded with alcohol (3rd ingredient), though I shouldn't be surprised because alcohol is common in Japanese skincare. The most recent bottle of Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist I just finished (mixed with Odacite Facial Serum Concentrate Gt+L) was also loaded with alcohol--2nd ingredient!--but I hardly felt any alcohol using them.

So far, my skin hasn't taken kindly to this mist. A few days before my little one arrived, I started using it as part of my morning routine and it broke me out by that same evening, so the verdict was swift and unforgiving. I couldn't even blame the wild postpartum hormones even if I wanted to, and trust me, I really wanted to! Even then, I stuck with it for almost 2 weeks to no improvement, so yeah, I won't be buying the full size. I have plenty of other mist lined up to try anyway.

Misty On Skin Refresher Travel Blend:
***List of ingredients from Addiction Beauty JP.

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