Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lipstick Queen Eden

It's old news I love Lipstick Queen, especially the Saint formula. That said, I got into the brand rather belatedly and by the time I learned of a Saint Eden, the color has been long discontinued and no longer available anywhere, not even from E(vil)bay. So when the brand came out with a stand-alone Eden lipstick, I had to try it.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

The packaging is a shiny, opaque red metal twist-up tube, alluding to the forbidden apple. The carton even has serpent scale print, which I thought is a nice touch.

This formula is similar to Jungle Queen, only the sheen is much more subdue and satiny. It's on the thin side, lacking the thick buttery goodness of the Saints and Medieval but still managing to be balmy and moisturizing. It's decently pigmented--the swatch is a single swipe and I get full-coverage with two layers. Overall I like Eden a lot, but I think I prefer it in the Saint formula :P

- Eden: swatched a translucent candy apple red but goes on my lips a hot coral-pink. The down side is that it has two types of shimmers: turquoise/blue-green micro-shimmers (similar to those in the Butterfly Balls) and larger white shimmers. The up side is that neither of the shimmers are visible unless you look under a direct source of light. Bonus: both the color as well as the turquoise/blue-green micro-shimmers make my teeth look giga-white :)

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