Thursday, June 8, 2017

Maquillage Dramatic Rouge Part IV

My prolonged interest in Maquillage Dramatic Rouge continues to surprise me! The colors PK227 Trap Pink and RD526 Melty Red aren't new and are part of the permanent lineup. I'd played with them while in Tokyo but refrained from buying. Now that I'm home, I'm having a bit of Tokyo blues and finding myself changing my mind, wanting everything I didn't want when I was over there, like Suqqu 2015 Christmas Makeup Kit B for example. More nostalgic buys I guess.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Thankfully, these colors fared much better than the three LE ones I bought over the holidays! Hmm, now I wonder why I passed them up to begin with. It could be because they didn't look so interesting under indoor lighting. That, or I simply changed my mind (or became desperate enough...).

- PK227 Trap Pink: a translucent coral with very fine shimmers that don't show. This color is what PK240 Airy Pink should have been. Then again, why would Maquillage duplicate their own color? My humble opinion is PK240 is redundant. If you'd missed that LE release, I'd say this PK227 is the better pick anyway.

Here are the corals: PK227 Trap Pink, PK240 Airy Pink, PK433 Pink Joker, and RD351 Red Fizz. The slight milkiness in PK240 is visible in both the tube and the swatch.

- RD526 Melty Red: translucent and warm deep red that's quite flattering on. Very happy I gave this color a chance after all. It's gorgeous!

Next to RD526 Melty Red, RD454 Red Bloom appears more coral than red, no?

PK227 Trap Pink and RD526 Melty Red.

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