Thursday, July 27, 2017

Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist Part VI

Back in May, one week before my little one's surprise arrival I was able to snatch up three more Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist in 01 春音 (Haruoto), 04 蔓苔桃 (Tsurukokemomo), and 11 飴色 (Ameiro). I couldn't get to them until now, but considering it's only been 2+ months since I received them I consider these photos an accomplishment ^.^"

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Two of these colors, 01 and 11, are in the nude/beige color family, and 02 胡桃色 (Kurumiiro) makes three. Considering there are only 13 colors in the whole Creamy Moist range, 3 nude/beige colors seem like a lot, no? I remember seeing a lot of my-lips-but-better, soft pink, and coral lips while I was in Tokyo, but not nude/beige. So the fact that so many Japanese brands offer nude/beige options surprises me. Could it be these nude/beige lippies show up as soft pinks and corals on the JP ladies? Because they sure stay nude/beige on me!

Also, yet another shimmery Creamy Moist (04)! Thankfully, the shimmers in this one are much finer than those in 10 優珊瑚 (Yuusango), so the texture of the lipstick remains buttery smooth.

- 01 春音 (Haruoto): translucent fleshy pink-nude that's slightly lighter than my natural lip color. Still very wearable, especially on bright and sunny summer days. On a gray winter day though, because I suspect this color would pull pale and wouldn't look as good.

Here are 01 春音 (Haruoto), 11 飴色 (Ameiro) below, and 12 紅蜂蜜 (Benihachimitsu).

- 04 蔓苔桃 (Tsurukokemomo): a pretty tawny pink loaded with micro silver shimmers that leaves a subtle metallic sheen. I like the color but don't care for the metallic sheen at all. Oh well.

Here are 04 蔓苔桃 (Tsurukokemomo), 10 優珊瑚 (Yuusango), and 12 紅蜂蜜 (Benihachimitsu) again. You can see the chunky shimmers in 10! Also, interesting how 12 appears similar to several other colors in this lipstick line.

- 11 飴色 (Ameiro): translucent fleshy peach-nude, basically 01 above but pulls warmer, making it a perfect my-lips-but-better color for me.

11 飴色 (Ameiro) and 12 紅蜂蜜 (Benihachimitsu) yet again.

From left to right: 01 春音 (Haruoto), 04 蔓苔桃 (Tsurukokemomo), and
11 飴色 (Ameiro). See how 01 pulls pinker and 11 pulls warmer and peachier?

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