Wednesday, June 12, 2013

L'Occitane Cherry Princess Pearlescent Shower Cream

This L'Occitane Cherry Princess Pearlescent Shower Cream is a part of the Cherry Princess Romantic Escape Gift Set released for Valentine's Day 2012. I bought this while I was in Japan, which explains why I finally got to it now, almost a year and a half later :(

The Cherry Princess Romantic Escape Gift Set includes 75mL/2.5fl oz. each of the Pearlescent Shower Cream, Silky Body Gel, 30mL/1oz. Hand Cream, and 10g/0.3oz. Solid Perfume, which went straight to my mum as she loves all sorts of perfumes.

As a bonus, the items come in an adorable white cotton canvas pouch with red cherry print and lined with pastel pink cotton canvas with white cherry flower print. I love cotton canvas pouches as they are completely washable ^.^

This Cherry Princess scent is actually quite strong! It is a tart flowery fragrance with hints of cherry and a powdery middle note. While that sounds nice, I find a bit invasive and overpowering. The body wash itself is okay, just your average body wash and nothing special. It can be a bit drying when I use too much. It is pearlescent, but that's totally superficial of course because I rinse it right off of me after lathering LOL!

I pretty much bought this set for the hand cream, the solid perfume for my mum, the pouch, and sheer curiosity of the scent. And with my curiosity satisfied, I have no desire whatsoever to ever buy another Cherry Princess anything. The fragrance is just too strong for me.

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