Friday, June 7, 2013

The Body Shop Buriti Baby Body Wash

This 60mL/2fl oz. travel sized bottle of Body Shop Buriti Baby Body Wash is from the Mini Essentials Kit, which also includes the same sized bottles of the Shampoo, Massage Gel, and a 50mL/1.76oz. tub of the Body Butter. I've been using it among a dozen other travel sized L'Occitane body washes, all of which I will eventually catch up to posting ^.^

Like the Shampoo, this Body Wash is sulfate free and does not foam at all. But while I was ambivalent with the Shampoo, I liked this Body Wash pretty much after the first use! Unlike my hair which can gets oily with the wrong hair wash, my skin is very dry and most crazy foaming action will deep fry it and I actually prefer my body washes to not foam so much.

That is not to say I don't feel clean after washing with this, I do, and at the same it keeps my skin very soft and nicely scented. What a great and mild body wash indeed, for me, that is, as obviously I can't comment how they would be for babies ^.^' Either way, do babies really get "dirty" enough to require washing with either shampoo or body wash even?!? Unless they roll around in the dirt, I actually wouldn't recommend washing them with much soap/shampoo at all, regardless how mild. Babies' skin and hair are just too fragile for any kind of soap/shampoo, really!

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