Monday, January 6, 2014

Aqualabel Moisture Milky Mousse Foam

After Aqualabel White Clear Foam didn't work out so well for me last spring, I wanted to try their Moisture line in the red packaging instead. However, I didn't want to get the full size - they're huge! After some searching, I found this nice Aqualabel Moisture Kit on Adam Beauty and nabbed it for $16.50 which is about the same as the Japanese retail. When I was still in Japan, I saw this trial kit all the time at my local HAC drugstore and it went for about JPY1,200 I think.

This Aqualabel Moisture Kit comes with 20g each of Creamy Oil Cleansing and Milky Mousse Foam, and 20mL each of Lotion R (Softening) and Emulsion R (Softening). I have only tried the Milky Mousse Foam so far.

Like the Aqualabel White line in the blue packaging, the Lotion and Emulsion has a few different types. The Lotion comes in types S (Refreshing), R (Softening), and RR (Rich). The Emulsion also comes in types S (Refreshing) and R (Softening). I'm glad the kit provides the Lotion R and Emulsion R as I don't care much for the refreshing aspect ^.^ I want the softening!

Anyway, I took this with me on my visit with my folks. Where else to test a "moisture" skincare line but a cold and dry location? Like all other Japanese foaming cleanser, this one foams well, producing a rich and creamy lather. It is very mildly scented with the same scent the White Clear Foam, only much lighter.

I'm happy to report this Milky Mousse Foam is not drying. It's not moisturizing per se, but it's definitely not drying. After 10 days of nightly wash at my folks', it didn't dry or flake me out like its sister White Clear Foam did in just 1 week here in SF! Heck, that means it might be even milder than the Hadanomy AquaPlacenta Wash Facial Cleanser I'm using right now! In a month, I'll be attending the same conference I did when I was using that harsh White Clear Foam, only I'll be brining Milky Mousse Foam. The tube is still 80% full! This time, I'll be expecting a week of smooth, non-drying and non-flaking skin! ^.^

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