Friday, January 22, 2016

Addiction Vampy Lip Swatches

My friend J. is searching high and low for a vampy lipstick. She doesn't want grapey. She wants blackberry. I told her she's in the wrong market for that, but since I was going to spy on Suqqu's 2016 Spring Collection last Thursday, I told her I'd take a peek at the Addiction counter, having seen a dark-ish lipstick on their website before.

Sure enough, Addiction has not one but three dark-ish lipsticks: two Lipstick Sheers in 004 Cassis and 010 Amaranto, and a Lipstick Pure in 008 Tokyo Mon Amour. So I swatched them for J., and figured I'd post them for you too ^.^

Addiction Lipstick Sheer (top row) and Lipstick Pure (bottom) color line-ups.

Sheer 004 Cassis and 010 Amaranto (left) and Pure 008 Tokyo Mon Amour (right). Swatch photos taken in indoor lighting without flash.

The Sheers are translucent and give a glossy finish, with Cassis a warmer plum and Amaranto a slightly cooler grape. Both colors are shimmer-free. I might pick up Amaranto next time.

The Pures are much more pigmented but gives a satiny finish. That said, I saw J. wear Tokyo Mon Amour just last night (yup, she went for it and likes it!) and it looked matte on her lips. Other matte lipsticks have swatched with an odd satiny shine on the back of my hand before, like Lipstick Queen, so don't be deceived with that shine in the swatch. Tokyo Mon Amour is a beautiful purplish wine, and again shimmer-free.

There was also a Lip Stain in 003 Raisin, so I swatched it too, because why not? I was already there...
***Screencaps from Addiction Beauty JP.

I have to say I like the color of the Lip Stain better. 003 Raisin is like a blend of 010 Amaranto and 008 Tokyo Mon Amour, not too grapey but not too purplish wine either. Just right. That said, it's a stain, which means it may or may not stain the same the color it swatches, especially on the lips already with natural color. So in the end, I think I might just stick with 010 Amaranto after all.

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kuri said...

Whoa, pretty! Maybe when I use up my Revlon ColorBalm...

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