Sunday, January 17, 2016

Coffret D'Or Rouge Essence Part II

Picked up another Coffret D'Or Rouge Essence in RD-204 among the regular line-up, because after playing with the tester I found its texture to be significantly different, a cream-jelly, versus RD-208 and RS-282 I own that are creams. So when I found it on Rakuten JP for a ridiculous price of 1,650yen, I didn't think twice.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Sure enough, this particular color swatched more like the Premium Stay Rouges in its translucency and glossiness. Rejoice! Does this mean I'm going to swatch all the testers and buy whichever that's jelly or cream-jelly? No. I'd rather save up for new colors in the Premium Stay line ^.^

- RD-204: a translucent muted red with micro shimmers that reflect a subtle gold sheen. And despite the translucency, it's buildable. One layer will give me a lovely reddish coral and two layers will show up pretty red on my lips. 

Here's a comparison of RD-204 versus RD-208 and RS-282. Stark difference, right? RD-208 and RS-282 appear almost opaque next to RD-204, but they're not. They're semi translucent.

Here's RD-204 next to Premium Stay Rouge RD-212. I picked RD-212 because they appear similar in the tube. But wait, RD-212 is a raspberry with gold shimmers, right? See for yourself, in the tube RD-212 actually looks warmer than RD-204, but swatches a cooler raspberry. Interesting, huh?

See my previous Coffret D'Or Rouge Essence post.

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