Monday, January 25, 2016

Three Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencil Swatches

J. and I have been eyeing Three's counter at the Mitsukoshi Ginza, but over the holidays there was always a crowd hovering by it. So we waited to go on a random weeknight and got the space all to ourselves (yup, I got myself a partner in crime, and we're each other's worst enablers...). She was looking for an eyeliner and started playing with Three Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencil. I wasn't looking but figured why not swatch them for the blog too?

Well, BIG mistake. Because by the end of the session, J. went home with two, and I want all of them. Fine, all with the exception of the last color 08 Eye On. Granted I didn't bite the bullet right that night, but my defense won't last much longer. I promised myself I'd wait until next month. Even then, I promised myself I wouldn't get all of them all at once. Three has slayed me, folks. No, slaughtered.

These. Are. Gorgeous. Unbelievably so. And complex with multi-dimensional and multi-colored shimmers. Oh, and while at it they glided on like butter. Buttah!!! I died. DIED.
***Screencap from Three Cosmetics JP.

Peek at your own risk. You've been warned.

I took a bunch of photos, but most ended up being blurry because I was all giddy with excitement. I was about to delete all the blurry ones until I remember that Kate the Driveler posted many a blurry photos to show off shimmers. So I went with 3 photos, a really blurry one, a blurry one, and a clear one.

Alright, you ready for this?

From left to right:
- 01 Eye Love: a metallic pink with lots of white shimmers but also some violets, oranges, and greens.
- 02 Eye Believe: a purplish taupe with white, pink, violet, and a few turquoise shimmers.
- 03 Eye Sense: a burgundy with peach, pink, and violet shimmers.
- 04 Eye Belong: a purplish blue that's too purple to be indigo but too blue to be periwinkle. It has violet, blue, and periwinkle shimmers.
- 05 Eye Rock: a blacken olive with rainbow shimmers. No, I'm serious.
- 06 Eye Kon: metallic gold with gold and peach shimmers, and a few pinks and greens too.
- 07 Eye Doll: a metallic, molten titanium with gold, green, and pink shimmers. This color just kills.
- 08 Eye On: a matte black with scattered white, green, and purple shimmers.

Top to bottom photos: blurriest, blurry, and clear. All pictures taken in indoor lighting without flash.

Titanium on my eyes? Yes, please!
***Image source.


2catsinjapan said...

Ha! I was playing with them too.
Luckily for me they are too dark.
I'm safe! Yay!

D. said...

Hi 2catsinjapan,

I'm the opposite with you and I need my eyeliners dark, so there goes my budget for February...


kuri said...

Don't start with eye sense, the burgundy. Super pretty but hard to use color. Great pencil though!

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Oh interesting! I did buy Eye Sense but haven't tried it yet. Why is it hard to use?

A gorgeous color though!


kuri said...

I just found the red tones difficult, but I think you're ok with warmer colors than I am. I think I tend to need neutral colors - they can't be too warm or too cold.

D. said...

Oh, did you meant Eye Sense will turn reddish?? Hmm...I have problem with neutral eye colors turning reddish on my lids. We'll see. I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best ^.^


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