Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Aqualabel Special Gel Cream (Oil In) All-in-One

Hubby is almost done with this 90g jar of Aqualabel Special Gel Cream (Oil In) All-in-One so here's a quick post for it. This jar was from the Aqualabel Special Gel Cream (Oil In) Set A with an Enriched Face Wash Foam I reviewed a while ago. 

This is a 5-in-1 product that's a toner, serum, milk, cream, and mask all in a champagne color gel-cream. I gave hubby this jar a few months ago when the weather was still cold and dry. He uses this gel cream at night and is especially fond of it after shaving. He said layering it over aftershave really soothes his skin and prevents razor burns.

I tried it a couple of times myself. It felt pretty nice going on, a tad too rich for daytime but at night it was perfect. There's a faint scent of the gel cream but not really an added fragrance, at least not that I could discern. It's a decent product if you want to just apply something and be done with it like my hubby. I actually enjoy layering the multiple skincare products so these all-in-ones don't really interest me as much as they do for him. At least I like buying different ones for him, and he likes trying them ^.^

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