Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lancome Juicy Tubes Part II

More Juicy Tubes, yay!

Daiquiri: my favorite Juicy Tube hands down. Yummy flavor but no taste, lovely bubblegum pink that gives a sheer hint of color without any shimmers, goes on super smooth and stays on for hours. What more can I ask for?

- Tokyo Peach Mochi: part of the World Tour Collection, the color is very similar to Spring Fling, only a touch more peachy and more opaque. There is no shimmers (hooray!) and the flavor is actually dead on with the momo (peach) flavor you would get in Japan. Very nice!

- Touched by Light: a sparkling gold, a more subdue version of the World Tour Paris Bubbly, more subdue as in its shimmers are fine enough that it doesn't turn the gloss frosty and keeps its texture smooth. The World Tour Paris Bubbly is more metallic than Touched by Light, but unfortunately it also feels very grainy on my lips - not a good feeling.

- Fruity Pop: a pretty cherry blossom pink with violet shimmers. Formula wise, this gloss was a part of the "Ultra Cooling Lip Gloss" line that Lancome discontinued, but it leaves this tingly cooling sensation that's not minty but still fresh. Neat stuff.

- Je Vous Aime: a pale flamingo pink with a lilac pearly sheen. Another one of the Ultra Cooling Lip Glosses.

- Raspberry Ice: a bright coral pink with gold shimmers. Also an Ultra Cooling Lip Gloss.

- Simmer: a nude beige with a pink pearly sheen. This color actually washes me out. I might have to experiment more with layering this one.

- Pink Horizon: a grapey berry with a multi-dimensional effect of bronze shimmers and a purple pearly sheen. It's a similar color to the Clinique Glosswear in Sunset. Very pretty!

- Fraise: a juicy cherry red with red shimmers. A bit more pigmented than the rest and gives my lips a burst of color!

- Sweet Valentine: a very similar color to Fraise, only with more pink and is probably the most pigmented Juicy Tube I own. Just a tiny swipe will give me juicy red lips!

See my previous Lancome Juicy Tubes post.


(g)ezebel said...

oooo, look at all those pretty glosses!! i want..!!

oxymoron: yummy flavor but no taste. :0P

Dalenna said...

Hi Gezebel,

haha I'm glad you enjoy looking at the pictures - this post was such a production for me it took me forever to write! I'm sooooooooooo lazy...

Yeah, I like my glosses with flavor (as in scent) but no taste...I guess that is an oxymoron...wacko, huh?

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