Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Body Shop Fall 2008 Collection

UPDATE 09/28/03: Sadly, The Body Shop Fall 2008 Collection is rather disappointing. I was so looking forward to it I went straight to the mall the day it was supposedly released, September 18. But painfully disappointed I was, and it took me this long to get off my ass to update this post.

So where do I begin? The 2 cheek colors were cheap looking, the eye shadows were muddy and chalky, and the Shimmer Cubes #15 - my collectible item - have colors that were just plain wrong! In the excitement of my original post below, I wondered if they got the color names all messed up because it didn't reflect at all the colors in the pictures. Well, the color names were correct alright, and it was the colors in the pictures that were messed up. Unlike the usual Shimmer Cubes super-metallics, #15 has a dark charcoal, basically black, that's NOT a metallic (at least not to me!), an ugly pasty white with a lilac pearly sheen, and 2 blues!!! I do have other Shimmer Cubes combos with - mind you - 1 blue in them, but I'm okay with that because they have other wearable colors, unlike this black, white, and 2 blues combo! Let's see, what can I do with black? Ahh, I line my eyes with it, smudge it for a smoky look, and if I ever go all out, I'll put on rocker eyes, goth eyes, racoon eyes, panda eyes, whatever. What can I do with white? Umm, highlight? But 2 blues?!? What the hell am I going to do with 2 blues when I can barely deal with one? Grr...yes, I'm hella grumpy now...

...that is Deadly Desire. No, serious. The Body Shop Fall 2008 Collection is called Deadly Desire. Silly name, but that aside I very much look forward to its release on August 29 (I think...)!

Usually, my approach to makeup is just to buy whatever that catches my fancy and I never really follow any brand's seasonal collections. But several items from this collection are definitely on my shopping list. I'm not a huge fan of The Body Shop per say, but I do love their shimmer cubes and I think some of their past limited edition blushes were really pretty (think Shimmer Waves and Blushing Daisies). But this particular Fall 2008 collection is different. It has perfect-for-fall colors that are still wearable colors year round. I think the versatility did it for me :D

***Pictures from A Blogger that Falls in Love with...MAKEUP.

I'm definitely getting:
- The 2 Shu Uemura-esque blushes (even though I'm not that into Shu...), colors Desert Rose and Dune Pink
- The 2 lovely dual-colors eye shadow palettes, colors Khaki Green and Eucalyptus Grey
- Those Shimmer Cubes, colors Silver Crest, Blue Horizon, Deep Down Blue and Ocean Rock Grey. I wonder if I got the color names wrong because they don't really reflect the actual colors of the cubes. But whatever, they are sooooooo mine!

The main reason I'm attracted to these items is because they are very shimmery (The Body Shop stuff are very shimmery in general), and the eye shadows are highly metallic. I don't particularly like the fact that the blushes and eye shadows, Shimmer Cubes included, are baked because baked stuff usually have harder texture and not as soft and silky to the touch. But then again, baked stuff are also intensely shimmery and metallic. I guess can live it that :P

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