Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Body Shop Hi-Shine Lip Treatment

The Body Shop Hi-Shine Lip Treatment is such a confusing name! It makes you think it's a lip treatment, but it's actually lip gloss, pigmented and moisturizing lip gloss (at least the ones I had were), but nonetheless lip gloss. I got a couple of these from previous GWP's but wasn't too thrilled about them. After all, they look like any other lip glosses on the market and there was nothing about them that really grabbed my attention.

Then came the day when I got -gasp- bored with my myriads of Lancome Juicy Tubes and decided I should at least give these a quick try. It turned out they weren't too bad at all. Actually, they were really nice! Their texture was smooth, thick, non-sticky, long lasting, almost identical to Juicy Tubes - I was impressed!

That said, I'm not jumping all over them yet. According to The Body Shop USA, they're all supposed to be tinted, and based on the two I have tried, they're more on the pigmented side and I prefer sheer gloss. I'm not saying all of my Juicy Tubes are sheer, but over time I tend to get rid of the more pigmented glosses because I seldom reach for them and they go bad after a while. But if you are into more tinted/pigmented glosses, or if you are a fan of Juicy Tubes like me but wish that they pack a better punch in terms of colors, I would really recommend these Hi-Shine Lip Treatment from The Body Shop. They are cheaper too, only $13!

- Pink Cream: this is probably the lightest color I saw on the website and it is pretty pale indeed! It looks like a pink champagne but goes on frosty pale pink, which is a total bummer for me. I did stick with this tube though and noticed that a while after application, the frostiness did subside to a more translucent shimmer. Its scent reminds me of canned lychee but it has no taste (phew!).

- Perfectly Pink: an opaque but pearly lotus pink, more on the cool side with just a touch of violet. The first time I tried this on my reaction was, "Woh, pigmented!" The color blended in and slightly faded after a while, but it was a pretty good dose of color at first. It has the same scent as Pink Cream.


♥ Lisa ♥ said...

I found these thicker than Juicy Tube by Lancome, but I liked the color variety better. I'm enjoying reading your reviews.

D. said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for reading!

Hi-Shine Lip Treatments were really thin...may be they updated their formula to a thicker texture. I have to go check them out again! Thanks!

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