Friday, March 20, 2009

Lancome Juicy Tubes Part III

Even more Juicy Tubes! I just can't have enough of these!

The particular ones I'm reviewing below are from the Lancome Rose Fishnet Juicy Tubes Gift Set of 5 deluxe mini size tubes, the size you'd get in a GWP. So you must be wondering why did I bother paying for them, no? Because 3 out of the 5 colors I don't have yet and they look pretty enough. For the 2 colors I already have, I love them enough to buy a duplicate :D And plus the set was on sale from Sephora, enough said. An added bonus (for me, anyway) is that they came in a nice and simple clear plastic case that I can use for storage :)

From left to right: Butterflies, Pretty in Pink, Rose Fishnet, Dreamsicle, and Daiquiri

- Butterflies: a pretty dulled pink that was pretty much translucent with flecks of coarse gold sparkles. No worries, the sparkles weren't gawdy, and you won't feel them on your lips either as the gloss itself was super smooth. This means I should be in heaven right about now, right? Sadly, no. The scent, it was the exact same nauseating scent a la Melon, which I had to toss a while back because I just couldn't take the smell. Gah!!! Why, Lancome, why must you ruin the most perfect gloss ever?!? We'll see though, I like the color so much I might just clip my nose tight whenever I wear it. Women suffer for beauty, don't they? Sigh...

- Pretty in Pink: As soon as I put on this gloss, I thought, Damn, I knew it! It turned a frosty nude pink on me, but I wore on anyway since the color was so pretty. And then about several minutes or so later, I looked into the mirror again and -woh!- what the hell, the frost disappeared and what was left on my lips was a metallic but sheer layer of nude pink gloss! Does that even make sense, I mean, sheer metallic gloss? Stila It Gloss in Fetching also gave me a metallic finish, but by no means it was sheer and, instead, was rather intensely sparkly. But the sheer metallic finish from this Pretty in Pink was so unique! You know when you buy electronic stuff, sometimes they come in this charcoal-colored plastic bag that's metallic and shiny, but up close you can actually see through it? Yeah, that's what this gloss reminds me of, only it's not charcoal-colored (phew!). Oh, and it smells delicious, by the way, like Vanilla Creme Brulee. Yum...

- Rose Fishnet: there was so much hype about this gloss that I actually went to the store to see it in person, only to be totally bummed when the gloss turned out to be just as dark as it looked online. In fact, I was so disappointed that I didn't even bother to swatch it on the back of my hand. I regretted that. I really should have tested it instead of just judging by its appearance, because later on, I bought it on a whim when I needed a filler item for my Lancome online spree, you know, to get free shipping and goodies and whatnot, and it turned out to be the most beautiful gloss ever! I know it looks like a blushing bronze color from the picture, but somehow it turns a sheer nude on my lips with just a hint of rose and a gorgeous, gorgeous blush gold sheen. What a knock out! So even though I already have a full size of this Rose Fishnet Juicy Tube, I didn't hesitate buying its mini version in the Rose Fishnet Juicy Tubes Gift Set for my desk at work, you know, to liven up my day. And it smells like, hmm...something sweet, but I just can't put a finger on exactly what, but all the more reason to love :)

Rose Fishnet full size

- Dreamsicle: this milky cotton candy-pink one was also pretty, but because of its very obvious lilac iridescent shine that turned my lips sickly pale, it's my least favorite one in this set. It smells yummy though, like tangy candy, so I won't complain too much. I can always layer it over a lipstick!

- Daiquiri: I've already reviewed this gloss, so I'm not going to repeat myself. Let's just say it's one of my favorite gloss ever and there's absolutely nothing for me to complain about this one. I'll keep buying it for as long as they keep making it. And they better!

The empty case, nice and simple!

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Cris said...

This looks such a great set :D! <3 the colours :). Especially the last 2 ;).

Dalenna said...

Hi Cris!

It is a great set, isn't it? I love the colors so much I'm considering getting a second set, although I think they're out of it because I can't find it on Sephora anymore :( Oh well, I shouldn't be too greedy now should I? :D

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