Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Gift Exchange

So sticking to the rules of our Christmas Gift Exchange, the afternoon of Christmas Day, all the small gifts we bought from Kiddy Land Harajuku into a basket and played rock-paper-scissors to determine who gets to pick first and so on.

The below are some of the cuter, more popular gifts.

My sister got a "bee-bear" LOL!!! A toy bear figurine wearing bee costumes xD

Hubby got this mini toy car that has to be wound up by twisting the tires. You can also put a coin on its back and it will do the "wheely pop" trick with its front wheel. You can also unto one of the back wheels and put on a rubber ring, and the car will do flip and twirl tricks. Awesome toy!

My brother got one of the coolest toys - a miniature guitar model that looks pretty damn real! The box won't tell you which of the models are inside, so it's completely random what you get.

He ended up with this beauty.

My brother also got this cute Totoro ornament.

My sister got this piggie sticker sheet that I really wanted ^.^ Aren't those piggies just damn adorable?!?

I got this super cute Snoopy paper clips ^.^

My brother got yet another cool toy - miniature lego that's to be built into a panda.

I got another cute Snoopy present - socks! And yes, we didn't sleep much as you can tell from my eyes :P It was Christmas Day but we were all in our pjs ^.^ It was good times, I tell you!

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