Saturday, January 8, 2011

Peach John PJ Special 2010

Peach John is a mainly catalogue retailer of cute and girly lingerie, apparel, and accessories. Check out their official website and online store (in Japanese)! At first glance, they seem like a much tamer Japanese version of Victoria's Secret, until I learned their targeted demographics are teens and ladies in their 20s, according to Wikipedia. Yes, tame for the ladies in their 20s, but for teens too?!? Woh. I suppose the teens in the states are wearing Victoria's Secret too, so I shouldn't be too surprised. I guess kids do grow up fast these days.

This is Peach John PJ Special 2010 Mook that came with a very feminine medium shopper tote freebie. They only publish one mook last year, I believe (please let me know if I'm wrong), and 2011's spring edition mook has been out a few weeks ago, though I didn't find it very interesting and skipped it.

The medium shopper tote is made of nylon (outer material), cotton (lining), and lace. Yes, lace!

It measures 24(height) x 32(length) x 10(width) cm and is a good size tote. Although when I said "shopper tote," I meant shopping at a mall, you know, small and light things. At least for me, this tote is definitely not for grocery shopping even though it feels quite sturdy. I just can't imagine getting food all over this pretty thing!

And yes, it's super duper cute. The front and back have pink and white stripe print, and the two sides have pink and blue rose print.

The lilac lace running along the opening of the tote as well as on both handles adds a unique and feminine touch.

And of course the cotton lining inside matches the lilac lace ^.^ Love it!!! It does not have any pockets however, outside or inside, and no closures either. But I'm not complaining :P

Here's a picture of the model with the freebie tote.

Flipping through the mook, I couldn't pass up taking a picture of this page to show you guys. Erhh...who the heck came up with this naming convention? This is not going to fly with the TSA xD I wouldn't be surprise if they confiscate and destroy these bras LOL!!!!

Oooh...polka dot fedoras! Want!!!

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