Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Soap Crazy Part X (Picture Heavy!)

Got quite a few pretty bars of soaps here. Most were gifts for hubby's Grandma and my mum-in-law too since they both love bar soaps.

Bubbles Variety Shoppe: this is the last bar I had from this vendor, though from the look of the shop now she is not making new soaps. I already wrote my thoughts about this vendor a while back.

- Peppermint Pep Essential Oil Soap: this is actually a sort of artistic bar ^.^ I gifted it to Grandma because she's a painter and perhaps would appreciate how delicately pretty this bar is.

Fresh & Clean: Jennifer's one of my favorite soap makers, though it looks like she's not making any soaps at the moment and is focusing on handmade jewelries on her other Etsy site, Jennifer Beads.

- Peaches & Cream Goats Milk Soap: hands down one of the most enjoyable bar of soaps I've used in a long time. At first I was very annoyed with the unnecessary glitters and the shimmers in the soap, but the soap itself was so wonderful I forgot all my nagging annoyances. Now that's saying something! It was a very mild bar of soap that didn't dry me out, and it smelled heavenly, like peach and vanilla. Not perfumy or strong, just the perfect balance of fruitiness and sweetness.

Jadedmind: yet another soap maker who left soap making for jewelry making. Nooo!!! I see this is becoming a trend, a trend I don't like at all. Don't stop making my favorite soaps, pretty please?

- Chai Tea and Asian Pear Shea Soap: too bad I didn't have the chance to try this bar as well as the Apple Cran-Berry bar below as they were gifts to mum-in-law who loves exfoliating soaps. It was certainly pretty to look at though!

- Apple Cranberry Shea Soap

KreatedbyKarina: I haven't bought from this vendor for a long time and don't think I will anytime soon. Her soaps and I don't get along, not so much their formulas but more like their overpowering fragrances.

- Blood Orange Shea Butter Soap: through the cellophane wrapper, this bar smelled nice, but I didn't have the patience to find out so I ended up passing this on to Grandma.

LostRiverRags: unfortunately, with this vendor the roller coaster relation continues. His soaps are total hit and miss, and the only thing that keeps me coming back is his Goats Milk Hand & Body Lotion!

- Orange & Cream Goat's Milk Soap: this was a nice bar of soap, but it smelled nothing reminiscent of orange or cream. Actually, it didn't smell like anything at all, just a tad sweet and may be a slight (and perhaps imagined) touch of vanilla.

- Sea Breeze Goat's Milk Soap: this was a better bar of soap. It smelled nicer, though it was still plagued with that weird musky scent that I always complained about in my past posts.

- Oatmeal Milk & Honey Goats Milk Hand & Body Lotion: love, love, love this lotion and the scent! Warm and milky and creamy, can't go wrong here! It's very very light but will moisturize effectively. Love this stuff!

Paradise Body Shop: another one of my favorite soap makers! I haven't bought from her for a while now because, well, I live quite far away and the soaps are rather heavy, but hey, I'll be back in the market ASAP when my Japan stint is over!

- Cantalope Goat's Milk Soap: another gift for Grandma ^.^

- Baked Bread Shea Butter Soap: I think I've used a bar before and forgot to review it. Oops. Well, let's just say it smells like...bread. Not sure how that's possible but yeah, that bar of soap smelled like bread.

sunbasilgarden: I've stopped buying from this vendor because her soaps are mostly glycerin which is not moisturizing enough for me. Sure they're beautiful, but if they're going to dry out my skin like the Japanese body soaps do, I might as well use the Japanese stuff since it's, well, a whole lot cheaper and I wouldn't have to wait for a week or two while they're being shipped across the pond.

- Winter Wonderland Soap: loved how this bar looked but had to give it up to Grandma, whose skin doesn't mind glycerin soaps.

- Peppermint Stick Soap: this bar was particularly hard to give up because I really love peppermint. But hey, at least Grandma's really happy!

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