Saturday, September 18, 2010

Soap Crazy Part VIII (Picture Heavy!)

Most of these were given out as gifts, but here are some more soaps for your viewing pleasure :)

Anderson Soap Company: now that I think about it, I haven't bought any new soaps from Dennis recently *gasps* I have to check out his shop to see what's new!!!

- Sugar Blackberry Viennese Latte Exfoliating Soap: hmm...this bar smelled a bit strong for me.

- Green Tart Exfoliating Oatmeal Soap: on the other hand, this bar's scent is so faint I couldn't smell anything else other the base fragrance in all of Dennis's soap.

Fresh & Clean: bought a big batch of soaps and this time they didn't come with the soapy-plasticy odor they did last time. Actually, they smelled fantastic coming out of the box! I was so happy as I got almost all the bars I wanted ^.^ There were a few I didn't get but will definitely come back!!!

- Kumquat: smells like an exact dupe of Dennis's Rosehips and Kumquat Soap, which is by no means a bad thing. I love the scent, so smelling it again in a different bar of soap is always fun. In fact, this is the second duplicate of the scent I have found, as the first was from Jadedmind's Orange Passion Shea Soap. Actually, I need to give more credit to this Fresh & Clean Kumquat bar as it was the most fragrant bar out of all 3 and it scented our entire bathroom with a sweet but citrusy scent. Lovely!

Huge bar too!!!

KcSoapsNmore: I've been keeping an eye out for more of these lovely scalloped layer soaps with the pretty cellophane wrappings but haven't seen any for the longest time. I think the seller has stopped making them :(

- White Ginger & Amber Goat's Milk Soap: for some reason this one smells like a Bath & Body Works type Rice Flower & Shea.

- Cherry Polka Dot Goat's Milk Soap: I was so, so sad to have parted ways with this particular bar as it had been one of my most treasured bars. Isn't it just adorable? And cherry fragrant too!!! I really really hope the recipient love this bar as much as I did.

- Coconut Citrus Sorbet Goat's Milk Soap: another one of my favorite that ended up being given away. Coconut citrus is such a nice combination and I could smell the coconut through the cellophane :(

- L'Occitane Vanilla Bath Soap: sneaking in a small bar of L'Occitane soap :P I thought this was going to be sugary sweet, but it turned out to be an understated but beautiful flowery vanilla scent. Loved it!

LostRiverRags: I guess my main complaint with this seller's soaps is that the fragrance only shows up in a few bars and for the vast majority of the others, they don't smell like anything. And a lot of them still have this musty odor I hate. So I've decided that when I run out of their soaps, I will only go back for their awesome Goats Milk Hand & Body Lotion. And may be their Goats Milk Sample Soap Sets too.

- Winter Mint Goat's Milk Soap: the soap version of the lovely lotion I used up in June.

- Sweet Sugar Goat's Milk Soap: again, the soap version of the same awesome lotion. If I like a scent, I have to buy them in sets, you see ^.^

- Lavender Mint Goat's Milk Soap: I could barely detect faint lavender scent, but nothing else.

- Composure Goat's Milk Soap: same with this bar. Didn't smell much of anything, unfortunately.

- Almond Goat's Milk Soap: same sad trend of nonexistent fragrance. This bar didn't smell at all like anything, not even the musty odor, almost as if it was unscented!

- Oatmeal Milk & Honey Goat's Milk Soap: finally a nicely scented bar! I wish the other soaps' fragrance come off like this bar too! Anyway, I really like this warm and comforting scent (I think I must have bought this same scent from every soap seller LOL!) and also bought the lotion version in this scent. Can't wait to get to the lotion!

- Strawberry Rhubard Pie Soap: couldn't smell this bar through its plastic wrap before gifting it away. Oh well.

- Lilacs in Bloom Soap: I was very sad to have parted with this bar too as it was so beautiful to look at. The 3 pastel layers just go together so well! It made a really nice gift though, that's for sure!

- Cucumber Wasabi Soap: I hope this bar didn't really smell like wasabi :X Then again, the person I sent this bar to is adventurous when it comes to trying out new things. I hope she liked it.

- Creme Brulee Brown Sugar Soap: this one was nice, although it was also itty bitty!

sunbasilgarden: this seller makes some really fun, interesting, not to mention beautiful soaps, although I haven't bought from her recently. Waiting for a sale :P

- Strawberry Banana Milkshake Soap: this bar looks really nice with the exfoliating bits, but I couldn't smell its fragrance through the packaging. Yeah, it was a gift. Oh well...

- Fresh Baked Bread Soap: I could smell this bar though and it really does smell like baked bread! Awesome!

- Candy Cane Ruffle Soap: Had a time parting with this bar too since I like anything pepperminty. And it was huge bar too!!!

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